Thursday, December 27, 2007

It may not always go as we planned...

Well, we had quite the interesting Christmas. Between spending a few hours in the ER with Tim's little electric scooter incident (a few stitches...he's totally fine!!) :-) and 3 out of 5 of us having the flu on Christmas day...let's just say our christmas went much different than we had planned. However, through it all, we know that nothing escapes God's big picture and we celebrated his son's birth the world did thousands of years ago. The twist in our plans are nothing when we remember that Mary & Joseph probably never anticipated their firstborn son, Jesus, being born in a stable amidst many animals with only a manger to lay him in and old cloths to keep him warm. After having 3 children of our own, we cannot even fathom being turned away from a "comfortable" & "safe" place to give birth to them and spending our first moments with them in a cold, smelly stable. Regardless of how our Christmas turned out this year...we are extremely confident that God knows what is best for us & he will use a multitude of incidents & life "twists" to bring our attention to where he wants it focused. Our family, our children, our true purpose in life...are a few of the most important things we're all here for. We are praying for God's guidance, direction & wisdom as we enter a new year...with many new fresh beginnings to look forward to.

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