Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun decorating!!

I am a bad mother this year...I still have yet to DECORATE our house! However, I will say that the major reason for the set back is that in all honesty, with Amara, I cannot bear to put up our big tree as she would probably have it knocked over in a day. Also, she puts everything in her mouth...I'm afraid she would get a hold of the hooks for the bulbs & eat them. Not that I am not going to put up our tree...but we decided to put up a smaller one this year. My aunt is going to let me use one of her smaller trees & I have yet to go pick it up. But, I'm getting it tomorrow night!! :-) So, this weekend...Mom-mom decided to she let the kids help her with her decorating. They had so much fun. THANK YOU! Here are some pictures from their fun time. :-)



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