Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ever have this dilemna??

Madden absolutely LOVES to color & draw. He has been doing lots of drawing from about 18 months on. It has gotten so awesome the past few months. I can hardly believe a 2 year old has been drawing these pictures! Madden pays very close attention to detail & can be a bit of a "perfectionist"...as he can be drawing & gets extremely upset if the circle isn't just as he would like it, etc. That can be frustrating because we cannot do anything about it! Ugh. Anyway, just recently, he had decided to take his love for art to another level...coloring all over toys, books, our couch and his most recent endeavor...himself. Today, I caught him in action...granted he got in trouble for coloring on toys, but here are a few pictures of his most recent art attacks...haha.

Meet Mr. Charlie Chaplin AKA Madden "coloring on himself" Landis...lovely. I hope I can get this off...he has his 6 month evaluation for his speech tonight. :-)



I do like how he has not colored on his own toys...just Makenzie's Dora house & Amara's push toy. :-)
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