Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wakeup Sleeper & KJ-52 Concert!!

We had SO much fun! We originally were supposed to go to the concert with a friend Tim graduated with & her husband...but they had to cancel. So, we decided to bring Makenzie because she is such a music girl & has asked us several times to go to various concerts we've attended. Since it was right at our church...we figured she'd do well. We got there very early because we wanted to get good seats(ended up getting right in the front row!!!)...so Makenzie played in the cafe's fun zone & ran around...making her very tired mid concert. But, she hung in there & had a lot of fun! She was waving her arms in the air when KJ asked the crowd to. It was cute. Tim & I had a lot of fun, too because we love KJ-52's music & have been faithful fans for years! :-) Wakeup Sleeper is a local band who happen to attend our church & opened for KJ-52. They did an awesome job as always. They led some worship for our church during the summer...so it was nice to hear them again! Just call us "groupies"...pretty soon Madden & Amara will be going to concerts with us, too!

Makenzie standing in front of the KJ-52 table.

Gotta take a pic with that ticket!!

Waiting for the concert to start...nothing but the mic waiting for a singer...

Makenzie & Daddy hanging out pre-concert.
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