Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Makenzie is in full swing with Kindergarten & loves it so much!! This past Monday, Makenzie's teacher held conferences. The first conference of the year is always interesting because you get a small glimpse into how your child is adjusting, how they are socializing & how they are doing academically. Makenzie's teacher uses a checklist to relay what each child is doing rather than a standard report card. It was formatted really nice to display all of her strengths & areas of improvement if any. Fortunately, Makenzie is doing extremely well adjusting & is doing awesome academically (if that's even logical to say about a kindergartner :-)...although kindergarten is definitely not anything like it used to be!! They are reading, writing & doing a higher caliber of work that was usually saved for 1st & 2nd grade back in the day! Anyway, there are a select few in her class that are "ahead" and are up for more challenges to incorporate into their kindergarten day. Her teacher informed us that during "work" time, those select few will be having special instructions as she will be giving them 1st grade materials to challenge them & work on to encourage their strengths that she sees...basically to provide them with work they are capable of doing so they are not bored. I am so very happy with Makenzie's teacher this year & I am even more happy that she is looking at each child individually and already this early in the year sees their strengths & wants to encourage growth in those strengths & abilities. We've always provided opportunities for Makenzie to learn...but we have never pushed her in anyway...which I really attribute to her confidence, abilities & talents. Makenzie is a very bright little girl & absolutely loves to be challenged. She was very excited to hear that she will be doing some "1st grade" work. Way to go Makenzie!!




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