Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know, I know...of all people, you'd think I would have this wonderful spread of photos from Thanksgiving. Well, we're all entitled to a day of rest & thanksgiving. :-) I took my camera out a little...but it was nice to keep it put away & to just relax a little more & enjoy my children & family. :-)
We have our Thanksgiving dinner down at Tim's parents church since the family is too big to fit in anyone's house. We had a delicious spread of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberries, jello salads, dinner rolls & a whole spread of delicious desserts...which I am not ashamed to admit that I tried several. :-)
Thanksgiving day was spent making food for our dinner & I was to bring chocolate chip the kids & I worked on those. It was a beautiful day on 66 degrees!! So, Tim's dad was assigned to get the christmas lights on their house. So, Makenzie & Madden had a very fun time helping Pop-pop decorate & running around outside. Then, down to our dinner at 4 pm. What a wonderful family we have. We are so blessed & thankful for each & every one of you! (Yes, pictures are now up! :-)

The kids hanging out ready to go cause some mischief I'm assuming...since I believe it was shortly after this that we went back into the area they were playing in & there were walnut shells all over the place. Some of them decided to go ahead & crack em' open to will be kids.


My two little babies playing together...Madden can be a nice big brother when he wants to!

The church we have the dinner at also has a nursery school it didn't take Madden long to find the "STOP" sign. He LOVES stop signs as you can see he is hugging it. :-)
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