Friday, November 30, 2007

Bath time is so much fun!!!

Amara LOVES to take a bath. She gets all excited & nearly jumps out of my arms when we start to run the water. She is too funny. I haven't taken many bath time pics I figured now that she's getting a little older...this may be my last bath time "photo shoot". :-)



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Bath time is so much fun!!!



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As you will read in a later blog...Amara is a climber. She decided she did not like me taking any more pictures & climbed out of the tub & headed for the stairs to go up. Naked little bootie & all. :-) She is so funny. And didn't even complain or whine about being cold! :-)


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Black Friday Fun!!!

Granted...these are horrible pictures...what do you expect at 4 am?? haha. Yes, Tim & I went out on Black Friday this year. This was Tim's first time going out on Black Friday with me. I usually go out with friends...but I though it would be nice to "invite" Tim along this year. haha. We were up at 3:30 a.m. & headed up to Kohl's for the 4 a.m. opening. :-) We got a few things on our list there & then didn't have anywhere to be until we stopped for a nice little breakfast at the diner. We then hit Walmart & Kmart & were done with what we needed to get for the day. Got back home at 7:00 a.m. just in time to hop back into bed for an hour or so. :-) Happy Holiday Shopping!!!

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All this intruiging stuff!!!

Amara likes the lights on Mom-mom & Pop-pop's house. And she LOVES the little fountain by the side door. On this rare occasion...she was able to stick her hands in the dirty water. :-)



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Oh, Lord help us!!!

We've got a climber, put anything & everything in her mouth-er, dumps every container within her reach name the mischief...and Amara is right there. :-) She is absolutely a major handful! She is the happiest little girl you'll ever meet...but you cannot take your eyes off of her for a second. Up she goes or something goes in her mouth or Madden is pushing her over...trying to wrestle with her. Oh my! And we're done on this note!!!

Here is Amara figuring out how to climb on top of her big brother's train table...she likes to "jump off". So, someone has to follow her around 24-7 or she'll just jump off to no one! What a little stinker!



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Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know, I know...of all people, you'd think I would have this wonderful spread of photos from Thanksgiving. Well, we're all entitled to a day of rest & thanksgiving. :-) I took my camera out a little...but it was nice to keep it put away & to just relax a little more & enjoy my children & family. :-)
We have our Thanksgiving dinner down at Tim's parents church since the family is too big to fit in anyone's house. We had a delicious spread of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberries, jello salads, dinner rolls & a whole spread of delicious desserts...which I am not ashamed to admit that I tried several. :-)
Thanksgiving day was spent making food for our dinner & I was to bring chocolate chip the kids & I worked on those. It was a beautiful day on 66 degrees!! So, Tim's dad was assigned to get the christmas lights on their house. So, Makenzie & Madden had a very fun time helping Pop-pop decorate & running around outside. Then, down to our dinner at 4 pm. What a wonderful family we have. We are so blessed & thankful for each & every one of you! (Yes, pictures are now up! :-)

The kids hanging out ready to go cause some mischief I'm assuming...since I believe it was shortly after this that we went back into the area they were playing in & there were walnut shells all over the place. Some of them decided to go ahead & crack em' open to will be kids.


My two little babies playing together...Madden can be a nice big brother when he wants to!

The church we have the dinner at also has a nursery school it didn't take Madden long to find the "STOP" sign. He LOVES stop signs as you can see he is hugging it. :-)
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Lexi lying on the floor...???

Amara figured she'd give Lexi a drink of her was really cute. :-) Hey...she is lying on the middle of the floor!!!

Makenzie & Hannah coloring on the chalk board...they had lots of fun.

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Two peas in a pod...

Madden absolutely adores his big cousin Christopher. He loves to follow Christopher around & copy everything Christopher does...granted...Christopher gets a big kick out being able to get Madden to do things. :-) Here is Madden right alongside Christopher at Thanksgiving. :-)


Now we've made sure to have told Christopher that when you have a "mini-me" like Madden...with that comes great responsibility to be a good example...haha.

Talya decided to go for a ride on the cart that the ladies were using to clear the was cute watching her climb in & out of the cart. :-)
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The end...

Well, my photography class on Monday nights has finally come to an end. I can't believe how fast 8 weeks flew by! This class focused more on how to use photoshop & covered some basic techniques in photography. I was a little frustrated during the first few weeks of class because I thought I would NEVER understand photoshop! It is quite confusing at first & I can sometimes look too much into things...being a source of my own misunderstandings! But, all in all, I learned a lot & although I wish I could say I have photoshop, it's on my christmas I hope Santa is good to me!!! Below are a few files I worked on in my class with photoshop. Granted, I know the very basics & can't wait to discover so much more when I get photoshop for myself! One of the best parts of the class was printing off our prints in the amazing print lab at the school for our final I walked away with six 11x14's of my children that I can't wait to matte & frame. :-)




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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wakeup Sleeper & KJ-52 Concert!!

We had SO much fun! We originally were supposed to go to the concert with a friend Tim graduated with & her husband...but they had to cancel. So, we decided to bring Makenzie because she is such a music girl & has asked us several times to go to various concerts we've attended. Since it was right at our church...we figured she'd do well. We got there very early because we wanted to get good seats(ended up getting right in the front row!!!) Makenzie played in the cafe's fun zone & ran around...making her very tired mid concert. But, she hung in there & had a lot of fun! She was waving her arms in the air when KJ asked the crowd to. It was cute. Tim & I had a lot of fun, too because we love KJ-52's music & have been faithful fans for years! :-) Wakeup Sleeper is a local band who happen to attend our church & opened for KJ-52. They did an awesome job as always. They led some worship for our church during the it was nice to hear them again! Just call us "groupies"...pretty soon Madden & Amara will be going to concerts with us, too!

Makenzie standing in front of the KJ-52 table.

Gotta take a pic with that ticket!!

Waiting for the concert to start...nothing but the mic waiting for a singer...

Makenzie & Daddy hanging out pre-concert.
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