Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Such concern!!

Madden is a sweetie. He can portray a multitude of emotions in any given day & he's very sure of what he wants, likes & dislikes! One of our favorite spots this fall is across the street from our house. There is an open field which is property of the Perkiomen School, which has lots of trees...which means lots of leaves to chase & catch! There is also this little sitting area they just built which has a very relaxing fountain & some greenery. Here are some pictures of Madden in the field.

He notices leaves floating down from the trees! :-)

Madden quickly went from excitement to concern...he noticed a tree that had fallen down and he was saying "oh no...". It was cute. He gets concerned for things that are a little different and out of the ordinary. :-)

Not too sure about the tree...

Our little guy.
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