Friday, October 05, 2007

Pennsburg Fire

Last Monday as Madden and I were walking out the door to get Makenzie at her bus stop, we heard sirens blaring all around us and firetrucks & squad cars racing near our house. All I thought was...dear God, let Makenzie be my stomach sank knowing she was to arrive anytime and I had no idea what had happened. Well, traffic started to back up & I knew she wasn't going to be here anytime soon. I asked a passerby if they knew what had happened and apparently there was a fire about 4 blocks up on mainstreet at a local pizza shop. I started to see the smoke from where we I thought...what a GREAT photo opportunity...and I was starting one of my photography classes that night. And even though I had done all my photographing and assignments for the class...maybe I'd get some more material for myself. So, once Makenzie got home, I grabbed my camera bag, plopped the two little one in the jogger & we headed up the street. It was a crazy scene up there, but a humbling moment nonetheless as to how quickly everything can be lost in an instant. There were some apartments on top of the pizza shop, so it was heart wrenching to see those people's homes & belongings on fire. The kids were in awe of the scene and Madden thought it was neat to see the firetrucks and workers. Here are a few of the pictures I took...


This was on the way up the street on one of the side streets.

This was the first shot I took as we walked up the street. This was what I could see from near our house.
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