Friday, October 12, 2007

My new job!!

Well, I started my new job this past Tuesday! I am working from home (HOORAY!!) in customer support for Tim's cousins' business (Randy & Joe). I am responsible for answering all the support questions, helping customers get started with any info. they need and a whole other mess of customer service issues, etc. Everything is done through email...which is really nice. It's been a crazy last few days here as I have been going through training and doing some work already. There's a lot of system technical stuff to learn & get through as well as learning the products in & I am hoping to get that down asap...which will make my job much easier once I do!

They were losing their first customer support gal (Julia :-() and they asked if I would be interested in taking the position. It's about 20 hours per week and it is extremely flexible!! Thank goodness!! I can work whenever I if I want to work around midnight...I can. It'll be a nice bit of income to add...especially during the winter months when painting can sometimes slow down for Tim. So, thanks guys for thinking of me & I'll try to be a good little employee. :-)


John and Michelle said...

Congradulations and good luck! Let me know if you ever need help with the kids while you work.

Landis said...

Staci, that sounds like a great job to have, being able to work from home. I hope all goes well in this new endeavor!