Monday, October 01, 2007

My big sis!!

My older sister, Shannon, is one of my BEST friends! She is such an awesome person. I can hardly come up with words to describe her, because she is SO many things to me!!! I admire her patience, her faithfulness, strength & her care for others. She is such a beautiful person inside (and out as you can see!!). Thank you big sis for being so awesome! I thank God for you & you have a beautiful family!!!

My sister Shannon & her husband Rodney, and daughters Kayleigh & Madelyn

This girl has been through so much in her 11 years! She has had many problems with pneumonia & neurological side effects of being so ill with pneumonia in the past & from what we truly believe are also severe drug reactions from some of the meds she had to be on and possibly vaccinations (which I will NOT get into :-). God has made her so beautiful & strong. She has such a sweetness about her that not many kids have nowadays. She is such a fighter and I can't wait to see what God is going with her someday!

Rodney & his girls! Madelyn is such an awesome little girl, too! Brave, bold & her big brown love them! She just recovered from breaking her arm. She had to have surgery & have pins in her elbow! But, she got through it...she's a tough cookie!

Shannon sang at the wedding as well. Beautiful!
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