Thursday, October 18, 2007

Madden & Christine

In case you weren't aware, when Madden was 18 months old, we were a little concerned that Madden wasn't saying a whole lot of words. With my degree in Early Childhood, I have done everything to promote speech, etc. with all of our kids. Many people said...Oh he's just a boy...they all talk late. But, Madden was excelling in every other area...all of his small, large & gross motor skills, social skills, learning shapes & letters, etc. I just thought his speech should be right there with his brightness. :-) When he turned 2, we had him evaluated. They evaluate the "whole" child in every area of learning. He tested at a 3 1/2 year old level for most of his other skills, but his speech was significantly behind. They didn't diagnose him with any specific type of speech delay, but they did notice that he was lacking the confidence to say words he was unsure of. There could be many reasons for that, however, as he is growing, he is quite the "perfectionist" with many that could have been contributing to his not wanting to say certain things. Shortly after, they assigned Madden a speech therapist who comes into our home one time per week for one hour. It has been helping Madden tremendously & he LOVES Christine, his speech therapist. He gets SO excited when she knocks on the door!! She does a variety of games, coloring & exercises to help Madden form words correctly & initiate speech rather than just "modeling" it. He is doing much better & it's so cute to watch his little lips copy Christine. :-) I took a few pictures from one of his sessions a week ago...I don't have too many because we participate in his sessions...but I wanted to get some memories of him & Christine. :-)

Madden using stamp/dot markers to color his "letter sounds" book.


Making his U-U-U sounds!

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