Sunday, October 14, 2007

The kids (and Tim) had so much fun riding my mom & Jim's fourwheeler. I have to admit...I had a lot of fun, too. We always had a fourwheeler growing up...I forgot how much fun they are!! I took it for a spin around the yard & down the driveway probably going WAY too fast...but it was fun! Makenzie loved riding on it, too. Tim was teaching her how to drive it. She was all excited at first, but when she pushed on the gas & it hopped a bit...she was a little scared. But, in the end, she managed to get it going smoothly and went about 1 mph or less around the yard. What a fun ride that must have been. :-) Finally, after a few days of watching, we got Madden to go on. He LOVED it! And had a hard time getting him off of it without a fight.



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Landis said...

Wow, That looks like so much fun!!! Boy, do I miss those days of riding atv's. I would love for our kids to experience that some day.