Saturday, October 20, 2007

I got my bag!!

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! When we were in Wisconsin, one of the photographers that helped with my sister's wedding had this amazing photography bag. I had planned on purchasing one & when I found out Jessica was going to be at the Expo...I waited. I was able to pick out my very own & they had a great sale at the Expo & I got a $25 gift card to use. (Mandi...I got one for you, too!!!!! If you want another cover!!) So, I finally got one! I am so excited to use it! When I am out doing photo shoots, the big bulky bags are annoying to have to get lenses & stuff in & out of...this is SO easy to use & everything is very accessible. I'm in love. :-) Yeah, maybe a little overboard...but I do love it. This photographer created this product for her own use & decided to make them to sell. She's been going strong ever since. It comes in basic black & you can purchase a wide arrange of interchangeable covers. Of course I had to get a "fun" one. They had a GREAT booth, too. Very fun & exciting. Thanks!!



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