Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

We had such a fun night! We spent halloween at our friend's Eric & Monica's house. We had pizza and then got the kids all ready & went trick or treating in their neighborhood. The kids had a great time & got lots of candy! I can't believe I am posting these pictures already tonight...but here ya go!
Of course...because I voted Amara's costume the winner of the Landis children this year...I had to get some extra pictures of her in it! :-)



As close as I got to a picture of all 3 of them dressed up. Thanks kids. You're torturing your mommy!! All I want is ONE picture of you all together!!!!!!
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Chelle said...

LOVE the costumes -- how cute! Amara is adorable! It looks like you guys had lots of fun. Now for the best part. . . Mommy and Daddy get to raid the kids' candy! I think I've already picked out all the Nerd candies from my kids' candy bags:) Yum!