Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday, Princess Amara!!

I can hardly believe our little princess is one! She celebrated her real birthday on September 15th in Wisconsin, but I had a party out here in PA when we got home. Time goes by so seems like yesterday I was pulling my hair out with a 4 year old, a 15 month old & a newborn! :-) But, by God's grace, we made it through & now the fun & crazy days of having TWO toddlers has begun!!! We've already had some fun & crazy moments as Amara has been learning lately to "hold her own" and stick up for herself when her bully big brother comes & snatches her things! Next thing you know she is chasing Madden around trying to pry whatever she had out of his hands & if she can't get it, she grabs his hair or his face. And then Madden starts crying. Then we've got a dilemna because when Madden cries, the windows nearly you can imagine how lovely my days can be sometimes! :-) Really, though...I can't imagine my life without my 3 little loves. They add an element of laughter & fun to each & every day! Thank you God for my babies!!

The pink detail on my blog site is in honor of my little princess turning one! I think it adds some prettiness...haha.



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Beck said...

All I can say is, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. Love the music. Your kids are beautiful. You go girl.