Sunday, October 21, 2007

Freddy Hill Farms Octoberfest!

Every year, a local farm & family fun center has an "Octoberfest" event during the month of October. It's been a tradition of ours to go every year since Makenzie was a we went this past Sunday. I love fall, so I look forward to going to this every year just to be around all the fall colors & go on the hayride to the pumpkin patch. I always take pictures of the kids out in the pumpkin patch so it's fun to go back through my pictures & see how much they've grown from year to year. Granted, with the 3 little ones, it's hard to have a "relaxing" day at an event like this...but we did have fun & the kids really enjoyed themselves, too. The kids and Tim went in the corn maze & down the hay slide. They love that. We then went into the pumpkin corral and let the kids check out all the cool pumpkins! We then got in line & went on our hayride to the pumpkin patch. After that, we ended our fun afternoon with a stop inside the ice cream shop and enjoyed some yummy ice cream! :-) There are many other little events each day at the farm, but with the little ones...we just stick with the simple things. I took lots of fun pictures & enjoyed using my new photography bag and it was much easier having that to keep a few extra lenses, memory cards & of course a pacifier for Amara & our car keys. :-) Although, it was a little bit of a challenge taking pictures holding Amara half the time...oh, but that will help me train to have a steady hand because when I am not holding'll be that much easier to keep the camera steady! :-) Enjoy looking at the pictures from our day!

Makenzie went down first...

Then, Madden...

And of course, Tim had to go down, too. Notice the kids in the background checking this guy out!

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