Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another photo session with Makenzie!! :-)

This past Sunday, I had taken the kids to the park up near our house. So, I figured...I have to take pictures for some of my let's do a quick session & then you kids can play for the rest of the time. Well, they cooperated & then they had so much fun walking along the shoreline. They loved throwing rocks, putting sticks in the water & there is a fun little dock that they played on for a bit. My kids are awesome for putting up with my "practice" and all the pictures I take. I'm going to be busy with work, jobs & class these next few I won't be able to take as many for a little while. Then it'll be closer to winter...well at the rate this weather is going...we may not get a winter!


Linds said...

You rock.

Chelle said...

These photos are beautiful -- as always! And I love how you keep your blog fresh. . . you have inspired me! Not that I can keep things up to your calibar, but I at least switched out my template and added a photo. Of course, it will take me another year to update the header photo, but at least I can check out all the pretty pictures on your blog:) Hope your job is going well -- it sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on right now!