Thursday, October 11, 2007

Amara's habit is getting worse...:-)

It doesn't matter where we are or what it is...if Amara has it in her hand or if she spots something immediately goes into her mouth. She is a little rascal! We have to be extra careful now with what ends up on the floor. She's had barrettes in her mouth, doritos, name it...she's managed to put it into her mouth! And the funny thing is...when you realize something is in her mouth & you begin to go over to her to get it...when she catches your eye...she starts laughing & tries to really run from you or chew whatever is in her mouth!! We were at the park for a long time this morning last week...but I caught her putting lots of "nature" into her mouth. Here are a few of the goodies she wanted to taste!

A big old stick. Ugh. And she kept grabbing it & chewing on it! Oh my!

Here she is with a big rock...that was a good one.

Here she is picking up little rocks. Again, very good for you. :-)

And finally, her favorite...grass.
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