Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Amara got lots of cute things for her birthday! She got a few outfits, books, toys & some gift cards that will come in handy for getting her some winter clothes. I had actually bought ahead last year for winter for Amara. I kind of based it on sizes comparible to what Makenzie wore at her age. EXCEPT, Amara is a little peanut. She is much more petite & smaller than Makenzie was...so I have a great big bin of brand new gymboree, children's place & gap clothes that are much too big for her yet! UGH! I am sure I can make some of it work, but the pants will definitely not fit. Her legs are so short! haha.

Here is Amara opening up some gifts...the Mangin's made her this really cute fleece blanket. I love the color & pattern! THANK YOU!!! Plus, Amara is a soft & fuzzy blanket type...she loves it.

Checking out what's in the bags...

Hooray...tissue paper! Just what I wanted! For real!! She played with the tissue paper forever. :-)

Gifts are great and all...but nothing beats this big circle of light on the floor!!
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