Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

We had such a fun night! We spent halloween at our friend's Eric & Monica's house. We had pizza and then got the kids all ready & went trick or treating in their neighborhood. The kids had a great time & got lots of candy! I can't believe I am posting these pictures already tonight...but here ya go!
Of course...because I voted Amara's costume the winner of the Landis children this year...I had to get some extra pictures of her in it! :-)



As close as I got to a picture of all 3 of them dressed up. Thanks kids. You're torturing your mommy!! All I want is ONE picture of you all together!!!!!!
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All dressed up!

Makenzie Mangin & Makenzie Landis...two cute "kitties"!!


Such a cutie!
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Of course Monica wanted me to take a few of her & baby Kira. I think they turned out very cute! Kira is sporting Amara's flower costume from last halloween. :-) Love it!

Three generations...Kira, Monica & her mom!



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Amara was a unicorn. It was SO cute. When we tried it on her she would not keep the hat I attached a strap under the chin & she didn't try to take it off once! Hooray! I can be a little crafty when I want to! (coming from one of the most uncreative crafty people ever!!) She just looked so cute. She won my favorite costume for this year. :-)



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Madden was a puppy dog...and of course did not want to wear the cute puppy hood on the costume. But, he made a cute doggy nonetheless. :-)



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Makenzie's costume...she was some sort of Kitty Ballerina Princess or something like that. She looked cute!



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The kids had some glow bracelets that they wanted to Eric was giving those out to everyone. Madden of course wanted to big circle & was thrilled when he got it...Madden LOVES shapes & the circle is his FAVORITE!

Makenzie holding her goodies...

Madden's orange pumpkin bucket...he's waiting for his circle...

Trick or treating officially starting...
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The kids trick or treating!! They had a lot of fun & it was a perfect night! The temperature was great...not too chilly & the little ones did their share & had fun & Monica's dad took the two older girls around the whole neighborhood so they filled up their pumpkin buckets! Makenzie was SO excited!



Amara & Madden going in for some yummy candy!
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Madden trick or treating! Holding onto Mr. Eric's hand as Daddy chased after Amara at this stop!

I love this picture of Amara getting right on in there. She was so into it...she'd go right up to the door & wanted to see what everyone was doing there & then she'd look into the candy bowl & reach in. You'd never know this was her first "real" halloween. :-) What a cutie!

Madden has had enough of his doggy hood. He didn't like wearing it too much. :-(

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I'm embarassed to admit that my husband took halloween to a new level this year for us & dressed up as the governor of California. :-) Very goofy...but the kids thought he was funny. Plus...once Amara & Madden took a break in the jogger...someone had to keep filling their buckets!!



Yes, it's Tim!!

What a nice Daddy...TRICK OR TREAT! And of course he had to add the line "I'll be back" at each house he visited.
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