Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our little videographer/photographer...

This past month, Makenzie has been showing extreme interest in taking pictures. Tim has a pretty neat phone that he let her take pictures with one day & she was showing us some pictures she took...and we were very impressed! Every single photo she took had unique perspective and she was using some serious angles! I am hoping to upload them to share! :-) She keeps asking for her own camera & we keep saying...maybe for christmas. I let her help me take a few pics with my camera...but it is just too large for her. When we went to the camera store, I took her along & she was showing the workers there her pictures (she was so proud!) and they agreed that they were really good! When she walked away for a minute...the one woman said..."she seriously took some awesome pictures. You have to get her a camera!" So, in due time...I may have an assistant! :-) The pictures below are of her videotaping her brother batting. When we said let's go out & take pics of Madden batting...she screamed out...can I videotape?? So, we let her & she loved that!



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Melissa said...

Love the pictures & changes you've made for fall! I saw some of the galleries of pics you took the last few months for people. So awesome! I heard you got lots of work from people passing your name around! I need christmas pictures done!! Call me so we can schedule something.