Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Madden playing!

Now that Makenzie is in afternoon kindergarten...Madden can have Mommy ALL to himself. Amara takes a nap & Madden and I play for a little while before he lays down for his rest. :-) He loves to be silly & has a lot of fun running from the camera when I take it out. I don't blame him, but a few nice shots of him would be nice sometimes! :-)




The infamous "paci" we are slowly but surely trying to take away. We usually only give it to Madden for his rest time & bedtime. But, because we are leaving for our vacation to Wisconsin this week...we didn't want to try & limit it anymore until after. Madden takes a little longer to adjust to "paci" will be extremely helpful for him!! So, here he is with a smile through his "paci" getting ready for his rest time!
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