Saturday, September 29, 2007

Even though everyone lives adults all stayed overnight at the hotel where the wedding reception was held. We had a great time. We shared a suite with my sister Shannon & my brother in law, Rodney. There is a Perkins right up the street from the I think it was about 3 a.m....and the guys went & got us some yummy food! We were all after we inhaled our food...we all finally went to sleep! Oh, so the point of the pictures below is the kids came to the hotel the next day after spending the night with Tim's mom & aunt swim and we hung out as my sister & Wayne opened their wedding gifts. Very fun!

Makenzie & Madelyn having so much fun!

Crazy uncle Rodney...always playing with the kids. What a great uncle!! :-) And goofy! He was giving everyone rides across the pool. Fun!
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