Saturday, September 29, 2007

The older kids chillin' at the reception...:-)

Livin' it up!

Some more of my crazy family dancing!!

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All of us bridesmaids with Amber! So fun!

Being announced into the reception...WHOO-HOO!

My sister Shannon & her husband Rodney...WHOO-HOO!

Amber & Wayne!!
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More of my crazy family!!

My dad was a dancing machine this night...and we were laughing so hard at him. He has some sort of swimming move that none of us can quite master. Oh my!

My dad dancing with Shannon & Amy

My dad dancing with my sister, Amber.


I'm embarrassed to post this pic...but I had to. Yes, my sister, Shannon, is spanking me. We really know how to dance. Thank goodness no one got pictures of us during other girls sure know how to rock the dance floor! And our husbands have a few good moves of their own. What a crew!!!!!! haha.
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Even though everyone lives adults all stayed overnight at the hotel where the wedding reception was held. We had a great time. We shared a suite with my sister Shannon & my brother in law, Rodney. There is a Perkins right up the street from the I think it was about 3 a.m....and the guys went & got us some yummy food! We were all after we inhaled our food...we all finally went to sleep! Oh, so the point of the pictures below is the kids came to the hotel the next day after spending the night with Tim's mom & aunt swim and we hung out as my sister & Wayne opened their wedding gifts. Very fun!

Makenzie & Madelyn having so much fun!

Crazy uncle Rodney...always playing with the kids. What a great uncle!! :-) And goofy! He was giving everyone rides across the pool. Fun!
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He's hooked...

Tim has been itching to get another tattoo for the past year he finally got another one while we were in Wisconsin! Oh, what fun! :-) This is his 3rd tattoo & I'm sure he's already thinking of the next one. This tattoo is meaningful as he put a lot of thought into what he wanted for this tattoo. He wanted to have something along the lines of God being the Alpha & the the design below is what we & the artist came up with. The scripture reference on the tattoo is:
Revelation 21:6 "He said to me: It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring the water of life."
The concept is a scroll...which represents God's word and then the earth...which represents us & the world...and then the symbols for Alpha & Omega are on the side. Tim is really happy with the work. It looks good...but is still healing. Check it out next time you see him! Oh, and the bottom foot is my mom's tattoo. What a date to take your mother in law on...they both got tattoos done. She got this pretty flower on her foot. My mom's hooked, too. Once her mid life crisis hit...she's been getting them done ever since. (Just kidding mom!!) She's got one on her ankle, the new one on her foot, a little japanese symbol that her & her twin sister got on their 50th birthday (which is the symbol for "twins") and then she has another one on her back which is an angel holding a flower which has 7 petals each petal the color of the grandchildren's birthstones. Too funny.



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Beach Day!

We had a great day at the beach. It was warm with a very nice breeze! The kids played with the buckets & shovels while I took pictures & enjoyed the scenery, too. Lake Superior is absolutely beautiful. What a great place to go back to when I go home to visit. :-)


How perfect. Everyone walking along the beach with daddy. I love when moments are unplanned...they make the perfect memories! :-)

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Of course, no trip to the beach can be complete without a few cute pictures!! :-) I actually had gone to the beach this afternoon to take pictures of my nephew Carson for my sister. We got some great pictures of Carson! I love them all! I don't know how she'll choose! I don't like to put pictures that I take for others on our family blog...but I'm an auntie bragging on my cute little nephew!! I've only included one picture...but I think it's cute of him. We got some great pictures of him on these rocks with the lighthouse in the background. Love them! Later on that day, we took some portraits on a black background with his hockey gear & jersey. They turned out really good! And of course we had to do my nieces, too! Unfortunately, I didn't get many of my kids during this trip to the beach, but the ones I did get were decent. At least they were all looking! I'm lucky to get that for sure! I actually think it may be the first one of it's kind! Maybe there is HOPE for christmas photos this year!! :-)

I love this little guy! He is absolutely adorable. And quite the charmer!

Makenzie had fun walking along this wall. It would be fun for any kid!


Makenzie loves her baby sis.
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Leave it to Madden...

Madden cannot just play & follow the rules. He just had to go a little deeper in the water & completely fell in. He fell onto his hands & knees into the cold Lake Superior water. It was kind of funny though...he was a little startled at first...but then when he realized he had fallen in...he was grinning from ear to ear with excitement. So funny!

Not so sure what to think...

Oh, yeah...I just fell in the water! hahahahaha.

All wet...and my mom & dad did not pack any spare clothes...whatever!
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Besides when they were babies, this is the first time Madden has really met his big cousin (by 6 months), Carson. Carson is my sister Amy's little boy. He is such a handsome little guy. Smart as a whip, too! He reminds me SOOO much of Makenzie when she was his age. Well, Madden & Carson bonded instantly! They had such a great time together & Madden loves Carson. He would get all excited when we would get together with him during our vacation. It was cute. Here are a few pictures of the boys playing on the beach! :-)



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An amazing woman & friend...

I love the picture below of my mom & our kids..."Nana" as she is called by the grandkids! It is so awesome to have your mom be one of your best friends! She is so supportive, caring & would do anything for us girls and her grandkids. She is so giving of herself & she always lets me know how proud she is of Tim & I as we venture through this crazy life! Everyone has a mom, but not everyone has a true friend in their mom. I am so fortunate that I have both with my mom. And I can speak for my sisters as well...this woman is the real deal. She's the best!! :-) Love you mom!


Nana walking with Carson, too!
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Amara had a BLAST at the beach here. She loves you can imagine the treat we were dealing with all afternoon. :-) The pacifier had to stay in for the most part or we would catch her eating it like it was her last meal. Unbelievable! So disgusting!




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