Monday, July 30, 2007

Makenzie having fun!

Makenzie is such a girly girl. She was picking flowers as I took pics of Madden filling up the swimming she kept wanting me to take a picture of her with her little flower. I like's something fun!



One of Makenzie's silly faces...
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How much fun can a little boy have, really???

Madden admiring a bee in the grass...

This is one of my new favorite pics of Madden playing. It captured exactly what he was doing including the water droplets he flung up with his shovel. He is having SO much fun, too. :-)

Madden busy playing as his big sister Makenzie looks on in the background.

Our little guy...
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Madden LOVES to squirt the hose! He finally got the muscle strength to push on the nozzle handle & it's been a disaster trying to get the hose from him ever since. :-) He has SO much fun! But, it's great for him & he loves to fill up the pool for mommy & is pretty good about not squirting us if we tell him not to. :-)



Happy as PIE with his water!

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Just some fun pics!

Madden playing with the snap lock beads! He loves to make a giant circle!

Amara busy playing with her leap frog table. Which has been a toy all of the kids have used. A very well-used christmas gift from Papa 4 1/2 years ago!

One of the precious moments when Madden plays nicely with Amara :-)...he was chasing her around as they crawled & would stand up against the train table. It was very cute. I love it!
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Fun Crafts!

We made a fun craft the other day...maraccas. I used little cans & pasta noodles...which Makenzie loved to do. Madden started off participating...then decided to throw the noodles all over the floor. He ended up coloring on a piece of paper & then I had him glue noodles all over & glue tissue paper on...he loved it!

Makenzie working diligently on her maracca. Very fun!

The finished product! Great job Makenzie! It looks beautiful!

Madden was so funny coloring on his paper. He kept putting his head down just like so & was watching himself color. I'm so glad I had my camera out because it is SO cute!

Love it!
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Madden's many faces...

Madden is so hilarious. He could be running, jumping & having a grand old time one minute & crying his eyes out the next. :-) He has such classic faces...and capturing them is fun! He has such big blue eyes that he inherited from his that's kind of neat. :-)
I love this pic of Madden because his eyes are SO blue & his lips are just so's a great pic (besides the blur!)

Whining is very fun to Madden...ugh!

I love to catch the kids sleeping! I love this one because it is SO close...and I am a huge fan of closeups!

Madden sleeping with all of his goodies. Paci, sippy cup & his beloved blankie/cloth. :-)
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Makenzie & her "Frog" Friend...

We had left the kids little pool out one night & it rained...leaving a little water in the bottom of the pool. A little frog decided to jump in & couldn't make it out. So, we discovered it & Makenzie & Madden were so excited! They pet it & watched it for half the evening. Tim picked it up to show them & Makenzie wanted to hold it, too. It was SO funny watching her try to get it from Tim's hands to I captured below. :-)

We're off to a rough start...notice the froggy jumping out of Tim's hands & not into Makenzie's...



Finally...Makenzie is holding the frog...and for everyone who knows Makenzie well...only SHE could be wearing a pretty purple bracelet as she holds a dirty old frog. SO funny! But, it is SO typical of Makenzie!
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Outside fun!

Amara looks so cute here. Notice the nice big red mark on the right side of her head...that was a wound from her naughty brother. Poor little girl!


What a smile! Her hair is SO cute, too. It's starting to flip out at the ends...especially when it's humid out! I LOVE it!

Amara LOVES to be outside & crawling around in the grass is SO much fun to her! Then she gets on the sidewalk & thinks that's pretty fun, too. :-)
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What a BIG girl!

Our little Amara is getting so big! She is an absolute delight! She is SO busy...always laughing...and is just an all around happy & pleasant little baby! She is trying to take steps...she cruises along the furniture...and then occasionally lets go & tries to walk. She is standing a lot & balancing by herself. I think she's just afraid her big brother Madden will try to push her he is a little jealous of Amara right now. Once she started crawling...he's been out to get her! Poor little girly...but she's definitely a tough cookie & I'm sure payback is coming soon enough for him! :-)

I love these pics of her eating in her high chair. It's such a daily "grind" type of event...but it's exactly how I want to remember her early days! So cute!

And of course...who can resist those big blue eyes looking up at you??

Amara LOVES to watch her little learning shows! She's into climbing up to the entertainment stand & just gazes at all of the images. It's cute. Madden used to do the same exact thing...which I think is kind of funny.

One of my favorite recent photos of Amara. I just love how innocent of a look she is giving!
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Makenzie's 5 year Pictures...

I cannot believe Makenzie is 5 years old! She is growing up so fast! She is maturing & is starting to be more aware of who she is as a person! She's confident, caring, friendly, bubbly & a leader. She also has her share of qualities that mommy & daddy will need to help curb...but Makenzie sure does care about others & she is a little social butterfly. She absolutely loves to make new friends & enjoys playing with her friends in her life! This blog site does not do the pictures justice because it makes the photos a little grainy & darkens them a bit, but I just wanted to share them! :-)




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Some of my favorites of Maci...she is very photogenic & was SO cute! I have a few of her blowing bubbles, too which I love...but I love the ones on the bridge! :-)




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