Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tim & Staci's Mini-vacation!

Finally...Tim & I went away just the two of us. We haven't gone away by ourselves since before Makenzie was born...which was 5 years ago! We had gotten tickets to go the Fray concert a while back & we just decided to make the concert a mini-vacation. Granted...because Tim works for himself...he had to put in 60+ hours the week before we went away to complete any job deadlines so we could go away during a very busy season for him...but it was well worth it! We left Sunday morning for Philly...checked into our hotel & then spent the day relaxing! We then headed to Camden for the concert around 5 & walked around the Camden Waterfront near the Tweeter Center where the concert was to start at 7:30 pm. On Monday morning we headed for the Jersey Shore & spent one night there & came home late Tuesday night. We did some shopping, swimming, relaxing on the beach & eating lots of our favorite boardwalk foods! Of course, we agreed on what we wanted & split any junk we wanted because Tim & I are both trying to get healthy & I'm still working on getting back to my pre-pregnancy shape from before I had Madden since I got pregnant with Amara when Madden was 6-7 months old. Ugh. But, I'm doing it & Tim's been a big motivation to me since he stopped drinking soda & lost 15 lbs. himself! Way to go Landis'! haha. Anyway, besides all of that nonsense...we had a great time & it was so nice of Tim's mom & dad to watch our kids so we could take a much needed break away for a few days. Sometimes people forget how stressful it can be with really little ones! We did miss the kids...but we definitely needed some time for ourselves & we enjoyed every minute of it! Also, I have thousands of pictures of our kids & none of us! So, we made up for that & took LOTS of pictures of the two of us which I'm very glad to now have! :-)



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Once we got to Camden, we had some time to we walked around the Camden Waterfront & took some pictures!

Tim & I smiling!

Tim with the Philly skyline in the background.


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The Fray Concert in Camden, NJ

Just a few pics waiting for the Fray!

Just a little fruity drink on a hot summer night!

Tim & I!


During the concert...I love THE FRAY!
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The Fray Concert was amazing! They are truly talented artists. Their live vocals sound identical to their recording voices...definitely what makes an artist truly good! They put on a great show & we're so happy we got to go! We actually had really good seats. There is a small pit section right off the stage & we were 5 rows behind that. :-) Obviously, when you go to concerts, they do not allow video cameras or cameras with detachable I had to use a smaller camera that we bought & it did okay...I just wish I could've had my other camera with those seats! But, the little camera had video on we got some video of the concert which I liked. All in all...the little camera did well for our trip, but I really missed my other one!



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Meeting The Fray!!!

Okay...the concert was SOOOO awesome. They had amazing vocals & we had a great time. As we were walking out the the Tweeter Center...we saw a little area with security where the tour busses park...well, being the nosey person I am...I thought...what goes in...must come there were a few other people standing there, we stood by the exit gate & we could see The Fray getting ready to leave & walking around in there...and one of the security guys told them that there were a few fans outside the sure enough they came walking out & were really cool, nice & said they'd be more than happy to sign autographs & take a few pictures. Tim talked for a few minutes with the one guy standing next to him in the pic who also does sing vocals & I chatted a bit, too. I was just more in awe because I LOVE THE FRAY!!! I was afraid if I talked too much I'd seem like a psycho fan! haha. Here's our pics & I'm holding close my autographs...haha.



Isaac Slade (lead singer) signing autographs!
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Tim & I in Ocean City, NJ. Just another photo session! :-) We did pretty good...we just set the camera on some of our bags, put the timer on & they turned out pretty good!



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Wildwood, NJ

We stayed in Ocean City, but we took a drive to Wildwood one of the nights & walked on the Wildwood boardwalk. We walked on the beach a bit (Wildwood has a really nice long sandy beach). We walked around to the shops & had some yummy boardwalk snacks!

Morey's Pier along the Wildwood Boardwalk/Beach.



A view from the boardwalk...
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Too much fun...

Of course Tim & I have to goof around...enjoy our photo session...haha.



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Of course we had to be corny & draw our names in the sand...

It's love!!

We had so much fun goofing around & Tim was laughing at me at how many pictures I wanted to take...:-)

Finally...just the pose I wanted! :-)
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Hangin' on the beach!

We were just hanging out on the beach catching some sun & Tim noticed a dolphin jump out of the water. As we kept watching...we noticed there were several out there & we watched them for about 10 minutes until the Jersey Shore guys had a jet ski go out & try to move them away from the shoreline. It was SO neat to see at Ocean City since we've never seen dolpins there! They jumped up a few times pretty high...if I had only had my bigger camera!! :-(

This is when the jet ski came to distract the dolphins...but you can look in the upper right & you can see the fins.

Here I cropped & zoomed the picture so you can see the dolphins a little closer. It looks like 2-3 here.

Tim & I trying to get a tan!

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