Sunday, May 27, 2007

What a big girl!!

Amara is "officially" crawling. She's been working on it for a while now & just got up & went. She's EVERYWHERE now!!! And, in the same week...she finally got her 1st tooth, too. She's been chewing on everything! So, she's had a very eventful 8 months! She went for a well visit 2 weeks ago & she weighed 16 lbs. & was 26 1/2 inches long. She's still a little peanut...and is much smaller than Makenzie & Madden were.

I LOVE this picture of her. She crawled right into my camera...


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Amara at 8 1/2 months old...

I'm experimenting with my new flash. I finally got larger flash for my camera so I'm trying to get some good shots...Amara wasn't cooperating so I couldn't do anything to fun with the flash...but I think I got some cute ones. And I'll learn more about the lighting, etc. Amara is such a cute picture taker anyway...she saves my errors! :-)



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Softball continues...


Makenzie waiting for a play at 3rd...


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Makenzie is doing very well in softball. She really likes it & does a really good job participating & playing well! This past week, they did some fielding & batting on the field so she felt like she was playing a "game". She had a lot of action at 3rd base...and was aggressive & went for the ball when they came to her. She had to throw it to 1st base & did well with her throwing. She's getting really good at sliding as they practiced that a lot, too.

Waiting for her turn to bat!

Waiting for the pitch...

It's a hit!!

Nice follow through...:-)
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Too funny...:-)

Oh, by the way...I am a crazy mommy picture taker...but the pictures I took of Makenzie at practice...WERE from outside of the field behind the fence...I was not right there on the field taking pictures of her!! :-) As I went back & looked through the pictures...I was looks like I was her personal photographer during practice!! I JUST wanted to clear that up!! haha. :-)

Fun with Daddy

Madden LOVES Makenzie's practices...he loves the end when he can run all over the field!

Madden & Daddy playing...


Daddy doing his "jumps" over Madden. He laughs SO hard & loves it!

Makenzie hugging her little brother it!
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Softball 2007

Makenzie is playing Girls Softball this year at Deep Run Valley Sports Association in Perkasie. They have an all girls league that starts at the 3-4 year old level. She's had 2 practices & she really likes it. I'm really glad they offer a "girls" league that is strictly softball because as she grows older, most girls do end up playing softball, not hard ball. So, she's learning the techniques & fundamentals for softball should she continue playing as she grows. The coach addressed the dad's right away at the first practice & said that for all of you who played baseball, softball is taught in a different way. And he then proceeded to start the practice...
They had 4 stations the first practice...Sliding, Catching, Throwing & Running bases. The second practice they repeated all of them, but did some hitting off the tees & being pitched to by the coaches. It was broken down really well & very tangible for young girls! I played fast pitch softball in Jr. high & High school so it was neat to see the little girls learning so young!

Makenzie posing in her new uniform!

Both Rainbow teams on picture day!

Makenzie learning the very basics of sliding with the bar...they had them hold onto the bar to get their technique correct for was funny.

I love this picture of Makenzie. I took this right before they learned how to catch grounders...she was like standing there kicking the a pro...:-)
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Catching grounders...


One of the coaches showing Makenzie how to catch the grounder correctly & how to get down & wait correctly...

Catching a grounder...


Nice GRAB Makenzie...we were impressed!! :-)
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Running the bases!!

These pics were taken "after" practice...but they ran the bases a few times each!

Running to first base!

Running home!

At first base!

Running with Daddy...
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