Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wisconsin Trip!!

On our way home, we had to board the little plane from the outside...which Makenzie loved to do!! We got to walk outside & go right in front of the big airplanes & go up a little ramp complete with air traffic sounds and all!! So fun! And I learned that my daughter likes the smell of jet fuel. Lovely...

Makenzie in front of the airplane!!

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Funny girls!!

I am kind of going backwards here...but that's okay! Here is Makenzie & I at the Milwaukee airport on our way home from our wonderful trip to Wisconsin to see my family! We had a great time & we had some time to here we are making funny faces!



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Out to lunch!

My sister Shannon & I took my mom out for lunch on her actual birthday before I left to come back home. We went to a restaurant called "Pizza Luce" and it was very good! They have italian & really good mexican food there. We had a nice time!

My sister Shannon & I

Me, Makenzie & my mom

All of us together!

Makenzie & her auntie Shannon whom she LOVES dearly!!
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Trip to the salon!

Makenzie & I went to one our good friend's Salon in Duluth, MN & got pinch braids! Makenzie chose a fushia color & I got a turquoise one. They look cute! My nieces had gotten them, too before we came & my sister & mom got them. Very fun!

Makenzie getting her pinch braid put in. It only takes a few minutes! It's kind of like a colored hair extension.


Fabulous darling!!

Us girls looking fun!!
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Fun times!!


Me, my mom & Makenzie

Makenzie & Nana!!

Kayleigh is such a sweet girl! She & her friends at school do a monthly project that they come up with themselves to help out others. This month they are raising money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital by making jewelry & other items. If anyone would like to purchase anything...let me know! I think the necklaces are $3.75. I ordered a cute little hemp necklace. I think it's really neat that young girls take the time to research & put together these fundraisers. They sit out in the commons area before school & during lunch break. Way to go Kayleigh! She was working on the poster & she let Makenzie draw some pictures on it as well. What a nice big cousin!

Madelyn drawing in her new notepad from Nana!
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Our little trip to Hayward, WI

We shopped around at the local shops for a few hours and our final stop was at a very yummy & really great candy store! They had all sorts of candies & many from when I was a little girl! Makenzie absolutely LOVED it!! She said she felt like she was at "Willy Wonka"...not quite...but I suppose it seemed HUGE for a little girl!!

Makenzie in front of all the taffy! She picked out lots of yummy flavors!!

The girls very proud of their lollipops!

Shannon listening to me when I told her to do something funny with the candy...I'm pretty convincing...haha.

Makenzie & Madelyn LOVING the candystore!!
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I had to get these pics of all the kids LOVING their lollipops!!



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Madelyn & Makenzie at the park!

Carson & my sister, Amy

The girls digging in the sand!

My handsome little nephew, Carson! He is SO cute! And very funny!
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Makenzie, Madelyn & Kayleigh in front of a shop.

Nana & the girls...
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My nephew Carson enjoying a lollipop...

Nana's house...

My mom lives on a beautiful piece of property (10 acres I think?? Can you imagine owning that out East?? :-O) in Lake Nebagamon, the kids always enjoy playing at Nana's! I had to get a few pictures of them outside!!


Makenzie, my nephew, Carson & my nieces, Kayleigh & Madelyn


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Makenzie & her cousins!

Makenzie & her cousins, Kayleigh (11 yrs. old) & Madelyn (6 yrs. old...almost 7). Makenzie had SO much fun with the girls. They are so creative & it was fun to see her play with them because she misses them SO much! Now that she's getting older, she really has a lot of fun with them! I am SO glad she was able to see them! I got them all matching they were thrilled to wear them out! Of course all of them are total girly they all had to wear jewelry & carry their purses with their girly stuff tucked inside! We got a lot of smiles when we were out...they did look adorable!

Best of friends!!

A little sassy...

The girls!

Of course, someone is the silly one...only Maddy. :-)
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