Sunday, March 25, 2007

Makenzie had a visit from the "Tooth Fairy"!!

Hooray! Makenzie lost her first tooth! She was SO excited! It had been gradually getting loose for a month or two & last Sunday morning before church...Makenzie was brushing her teeth & she said..." tooth is stuck on my lip & I think it's out!" so I looked & it was just hanging there barely so I reached in & pulled it out! She just laughed! So, that night we put her little tooth in her little "tooth fairy pillow" and when she awoke she came running in our bedroom & said..."mom...the tooth fairy was here" she showed me her dollar & coins! I had gotten this really cute tooth fairy kit from Once Upon A Family & it came with a pillow, a little box to hold them in & gold fairy dust that you sprinkle on their window sill. It was so cute. I sprinkled a little fairy dust on her pillow, too. She thought it was SO neat that the tooth fairy left some of her fairy dust in her room. So neat that she wanted to keep the fairy dust on her window sill. Oh my! Also...I'm really sorry if some of you still believe in the tooth fairy & now I ruined it for you. You are now an adult...I think it's time you heard the truth...haha! Then later that morning she looked at me & said..."mom, now I KNOW the tooth fairy is real because she left me all these coins!" It was so funny. How exciting! It brought me back to those much fun it was to look forward to the tooth fairy coming. haha!

Makenzie's new space in her mouth! :-)

Makenzie so proud of her loss!

Kind of gross...but had to put it on here as she held out her tooth in her hand for me!

All ready for bed with her tooth tucked inside the pocket of her little tooth pillow!
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Little Amara!

Amara is getting growing SO fast! We can hardly believe it! She's sitting up & rolling everywhere & all of that good stuff. Here are just a few pics from the other day. She was such a cutie sitting on the living room floor. She was really liking the baby wipes containter. Of all the toys...that always happens!



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Monday, March 19, 2007

Recess time at Preschool!

Makenzie LOVES recess time at preschool! Here are her & her friends having a fun time on a beautiful day after their field trip! Makenzie does SO well at preschool. Her teacher says she's so energetic and always has a smile on her face. She told me that Makenzie has great social skills and she said Makenzie is going to be a great leader someday because she's already a positive leader in her class at this young age. Awww...she makes us proud!

Makenzie LOVES the swings!

Makenzie on the monkey bar climber.

Makenzie & her friend on the teeter totter.

Stopping for Mom to take a cute picture!
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Makenzie's Field Trip to the Supermarket!

Makenzie's class went to Landis' Supermarket last week & her class had a great time! They got to go behind the scene & saw where the food is stored & how each area of the supermarket works! They got to taste a variety of foods! It was a great time for the kids!

Everyone before going in to the supermarket.


All the children learning about the checkout section!

Everyone with their bags of goodies from Landis'. They got some coloring pages, a pencil & a FREE ice cream coupon!
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Amara standing with daddy!

Amara is now 6 months old! Time sure does fly! I can't believe she's getting so big! These are a few pictures I snapped of her in her beautiful ladybug dress she got from friends in Wisconsin when she was born. It's adorable! It's PERFECT for spring & of course it's from my favorite store Gymboree! I love their girl clothes! I'm one for all the accessories to Gymboree is my favorite!




Amara sure is growing!!
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A warm, beautiful day!

You'd never know now since we got some snow this weekend, but we had some beautiful weather last week so the kids were SO thrilled to be able to play outside. I think we were out for 3 days straight! This particular was nearly 78 we were out with our neighbor's & friends and the kids played all afternoon! Below are some pictures of our fun day!

Little Amara...she LOVED it outside! She got to go for a few stroller rides & just had fun watching the kids & being outside. I loved it, too! I'm tired of being indoors!


Madden playing in his toy car. He LOVES it outside. He cried EVERY time we have to go in! That will get old real quick so I hope he gets over that! He is at a great age this year because he listens better & understands the boundaries with the road & all a little better. He really likes to play with Makenzie & they like to entertain him!

Makenzie on her NEW scooter she got from her Nana in Wisconsin for her 5th birthday! It's a pretty pink Barbie Razor scooter. She LOVES it & does great on it! Thank you, Nana!
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Madden chasing Maci!

Getting closer!

It was really friend Steff & I were hanging out & noticed Makenzie had gotten Maci all dressed up in these dress up clothes. It was cute!

Little Ty just hanging out.
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Makenzie, Maci, Ty & Madden!


Makenzie, Maci & Madden

Makenzie & Maci!

Makenzie, Maci, Ty & Madden...we tried to get them all to look...but the boys wouldn't cooperate as usual!

Best of friends!
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amara's first feeding!

Amara tried eating rice cereal for the first time! She did NOT like it. She's happy in the pictures below because I let her chew on the spoon! :-) I mashed up some bananas and she was okay with that...but she wasn't too fond of any of it. She loves to watch us eat & tries to grab our food, but didn't want hers. Madden was very similar at first. He didn't like the rice cereal & moved onto other things fairly quickly. She appears to be following that route. She was cute, though!



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Makenzie with her yummy cupcake!

Madden enjoying the benefits of his sister's birthday!

Makenzie talking on the phone with her aunties & cousins in Wisconsin who called to wish her a Happy Birthday!
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Happy 5th Birthday, Makenzie!

When it's your birthday, you get to choose a special birthday dinner! Makenzie choose Mickey Mouse pancakes & fruit for her birthday dinner. Easy enough!! I put a few balloons & streamers up around the table & she opened her gift, we ate dinner & had dessert. It was fun! Makenzie loved it!

Makenzie at her birthday celebration at preschool! Her teacher inflates this cute cake for each child on their birthday celebration at school & Makenzie brought in yummy chocolate covered pretzels & goody bags for her friends.

Makenzie posing with her birthday gifts!


Makenzie & her new American Girl doll that she got from mommy & daddy for her birthday!She told me a while back which one she would like if she ever got one & she chose this one.
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