Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Vaccination Info!!

I am entering about year 3 of my personal research & education on vaccines. Although you may not have heard a whole lot about vaccinations & their safety until just recently...the safety of vaccines has been a major concern for years. Mainly since 1996-2000 when the amount of thimerosol(mercury)(a preservative) was uncovered and found to be used in many of the childhood vaccinations. Although some people are up in arms about vaccinations because they believe them to be safe now that thimerosol is now out of vaccinations (a bit of caution...the full amount of thimerosol is still in some of the flu & tetanus vaccines!!) there are still major health issues occuring with today's children and as a parent I am definitely concerned as well. So, I am following this information extremely close! I am passionate about the vaccine issue as well as the deteriorating health of today's children. Take it or leave it...but vaccinations are a huge issue of debate & every parent should take great care in educating themselves on BOTH sides of the vaccination issue. There are many amazing books available from doctors, drug companies, vaccination organizations, parents & a wealth of information on web to help educate you. Below I have the link to the "Today Show" video follow up on the HPV vaccine that was aired last week and got a large amount of attention. There are also a few quotes from the airing & a warning the FDA announced about the safety of the Rotavirus vaccine. I have also given you some wonderful links to help you begin to educate yourself. The pros & cons & everything in between. I hope it helps you!

"This is about requiring 11-year old girls to get a vaccine that has not been proven safe for girls entering puberty. Merck only studied the vaccine in a few hundred 11 year old girls and followed them up for less than two years. And before we add one more vaccine to the more than 40 doses of vaccines we ask our kids to get before they can attend school, we need to find out why so many of our highly vaccinated children are sick - one in 150 autistic, 1 in 6 learning delayed...We cannot be conducting a vaccine experiment on our little girls. This is not the way to cure cervical cancer. We have to do better science." - Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC President, "Today Show"

Click here to view the video: (copy & paste in your browser to view)

"The FDA's public health notification about the intussusception cases includes these recommendations: "Parents should contact their child's doctor immediately if the child has stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in their stool or change in their bowel movements, as these may be signs of intussusception. It is important to contact the child's doctor if there are any questions or if the child has any of these symptoms at any time after vaccination, even if it has been several weeks since the last vaccine dose." The FDA also asks that any cases of intussusception be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is run by the FDA and CDC." - Miranda Hitti, WebMd Medical News

Vaccination Informational Links: (National Vaccine Information Center)A wealth of must spend some time looking on this site!! (A link on HOW TO RESEARCH VACCINES on BOTH sides) (A Journalist's Book on Vaccinations) (Center for Disease Control)
(FDA website...a great site to check info. that you would otherwise probably not hear about!!) (a list of pro-vaccine govermental links) (a list of pro-choice links) (Pharmaceutical Company links)
You can actually go on & research every single product they make & see what ingredients are in each, etc.
(A article on the health of our children. Actually written by a top environmental research doctor in the U.S. who actually happens to be a practicing doctor here in Quakertown at Woodland Healing & Research Center...their website is (a table of contents to a wealth of info.)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Family pictures!


Amara chewing on her little fingers...patiently awaiting her first teeth.


Daddy holding Amara's little feet.


Daddy holding all the kid's feet!


Those teeth are starting to poke through...any day now!
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Makenzie painting!

Makenzie LOVES art! She has so much fun! She'd spend her mornings doing nothing but crafts & art if I let her! She loves to get her paints out & paint pictures. She had fun painting her hand & making handprints. She made tons of which I have the lovely task of holding onto the 50 paintings until she forgets about them so I can finally throw some of them away! :-)




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Our little Picaso...

Madden LOVES to color, draw & paint! He is very coordinated & does very well! He's been drawing circles since he was 17 months old...he's SO funny! He would bring paper over to us & point at the paper wanting us to draw shapes & his name. One day he started drawing circles himself & he's made a few M's...not sure if the M's are accidental...but I've asked him to make me another & he funny! Well, I brought out the paint & he can paint circles, too! He grabbed that brush & started making his circles! He loved when I kept adding more colors of paint to his paper. He'd spread it all around and loved it! He painted for nearly 45 minutes & probably would have kept painting if it wasn't lunch time! He is growing up so much! I forgot how much they change during their 2nd year!




My masterpiece!! :-)
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Amara having tummy time!

Hooray! Amara is rolling over! She's been doing a roll here and there for a few weeks, but this week, she figured it out! She loves to get way over on her side and grab whatever is on her side whether it be a blanket, a toy...she loves it! She rolls from one side to the other & gets all excited! It's cute. She also loves her tummy time. She loves to look at everyone once she gets on her tummy & smile. She loves to hold rattles & toys. She just might be a busy one. :-)


Here's a really cute picture...she's got beautiful blue eyes!



Staring intently at her leapfrog play book!


Holding onto her circle rings! She loves these & she loves to chew on them!
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