Thursday, January 25, 2007

Playing in the snow!

Today we got a little tease with the snow! It was snowing quite a bit so we went outside while it was snowing. Then it got sunny, the snow stopped & it started melting. So much for playing in the snow! But, the kids had fun regardless just being outside & having fun together!




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Madden in the snow!

Madden LOVED the snow! He had a hard time keeping his mittens his hands got a little cold. He was running around chasing his big sister!


Checking it all out before getting into it!


Gotta touch it!


I fell down & landed on my bare hands! BRRRR...the snow & ground are cold!!


Little handsome snow baby!
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Makenzie in the snow!


Makenzie loves the snow!


Makenzie smiling because she's SO happy to be outside!


Makenzie having lots of fun with the snow!


Of course, after playing in the cold snow...a cup of hot cocoa & marshmallows is the only way to go! And Makenzie made quite the mess!
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Flowers from Daddy!

A few weeks ago, Tim brought flowers home for Makenzie, Amara & I. It was very thoughtful! He brought them home for the special girls in his life! The last time Tim brought me home flowers, Makenzie was SO excited & told Tim she would like flowers sometime! So, he made sure to bring Makenzie some home, too. She was SO excited that I had to take some pictures of her with her flowers. She loved them! Thank you, Daddy!


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Amara with her bath towel!

Amara loves her bath! Here's a few pictures of her in her towel after her bath! So cute!




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I love mommy's cookies!

I love my mommy's chocolate chip cookies! They are SO delicious!!


Do I have anything on my face??

Gotta eat every last bite!!
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Here comes trouble!

I was feeding Amara one morning while Makenzie was at school & I heard this noise & then Madden was quiet. When I finished feeding Amara, I went into the kitchen & Madden had opened up the pantry closet & grabbed himself a snack. Needless to say, the snack ended up all over the floor!


Look what I did!!




I did all of this??


Aren't I cute??
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Amara Mae @ 4 months old!

We can hardly believe Amara is 4 months old already! Time is flying by!! She is such a good little girl. Very happy, smiley & easy going. She is sleeping through the night & has been since she was just about 2 months. She's in her crib now instead of her that's great! :-) She giggles & giggles...she is so funny! She loves her swing & she loves to bat at & try and grab toys. She is a major wiggle worm! She is constantly moving her limbs! It is so cute! We love her so much!




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Amara January 2007


Our little Amara

Tummy time!

Amara loves her swing! Smiling as usual!
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Amara's Christmas!

Amara was easy this year! She spent part of Christmas morning smiling in her bouncy seat! She got a few little toys, but nothing big. She got lots of gift cards from grandparents, etc. so we'll get her some goodies when we need them!
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Madden's Christmas Gift

Madden got a train/car table for Christmas morning. It is really neat. Since he's still young, I didn't want to get a huge train set/table that the pieces would be everywhere. We found this Step 2 Table that has train tracks & a roadway built right into the table. You can leave all the cars/trains inside & no mess! It comes with a top that you can cover the table & use the top as a table! The kids use the table top all of the time when they are playing, too! It's a great height so they play kitchen food on it & other stuff!

Makenzie's Christmas Morning...

Makenzie got "Baby Alive" complete with all the outfits & food for Christmas morning! She was very excited! She played nonstop with her for 2 days until the newness wore off. Although, she still is really into her, it was nice to see her away for a few days! She loves to feed her food & see the mess she leaves in her diaper! :-)