Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gingerbread house!

We do a gingerbread house every year...well, we got the house all put together and while it was setting, the kids decorated gingerbread cookies! Madden enjoyed eating all of the toppings before they got on the cookie! I then put a few things on his cookie so he could see it decorated & I had turned to help Makenzie with something & when I turned back around, he had eaten ALL of the toppings on the cookie. It was funny! Later, Makenzie started to decorate the gingerbread house & the roof caved in!! I started to fix it & the one side of the roof cracked in half! So much for the gingerbread house...haha! Makenzie was a good sport. She was laughing...and didn't mind the broken house because it just meant more candy for her!




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Cute smiles!


Amara in her swing...happy as can be!


One of the few pictures Madden smiled for! He was actually up to no good! Right after he smiled...he stood up & started kicking balls off of the chair. Oh, my!
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Makenzie having some fun!

We let Makenzie put the small christmas tree in her bedroom this year (since Madden still isn't too interested in it!!). She LOVED it. She decorated it ALL by herself & was so proud of it! Her favorite part of decorating her adding the candy canes at the end!!



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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Madden loves his new little sister!


Such a ham! This is how Madden smiles if you ask him to smile...


Big brother trying to give his baby sister her pacifier.


Hangin' in her Bebe pod seat.
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A little content!


Starting to get a little sleepy...


Oh, such a big yawn!!


And that's how it's done. I am SO good! Fast asleep for the afternoon!
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Of course my little girl has to be in DIVA wear...haha!


Amara on her tummy! She's almost got the rolling over thing! She gets way over on ther right side...but that silly arm is still in the way!


Amara sitting in her Bebe Pod seat. She's just started to sit in here...her neck gets tired...but she does SO good! It's cute!

A close up of our little girl!!
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