Saturday, November 25, 2006

Amara is 10 weeks old!

Amara is getting so big! She is 10 weeks now...we can hardly believe it! She is such a good baby. She's calm & very easy going. She is a great sleeper & rarely fusses or even cries. She is always smiling & always has a smile for strangers, too! She loves to coo & talk to us! She loves her big sister, Makenzie. Makenzie is always showing Amara toys & making her giggle & coo! Amara loves to watch the kids playing & running by...and she loves to sit in her bouncy seat watching mommy as I run around the kitchen making dinner. It's Madden who can be a bear when I'm making dinner. He thinks if I am at the stove dinner is ready & wants to be picked up to see what's cookin' and to go in his high chair! A little hard to get cooking done! Amara is such a sweet little girl!She's the perfect baby to complete our family!:-)




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What a big boy!

Well, I tried to take portrait type pics of Madden...but he does not sit or cooperate for anything! So, I just followed him around the house for about 20 minutes or so...trying my best to capture who he is & they type of busy boy he is. Not ONCE would he acknowledge me & smile for me! It was quite the adventure! But, I did get some good ones that I can use! Believe me...these are only a sampling! I usually overtake...but then it's nice to go to the computer & delete the ones you don't like & edit and play around with the ones I do like.
Madden is getting so big! He is such a good, but very busy, little boy!




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Here is Madden looking at books, tearing them off the shelves & being very intrigued by his Baby Einstein shapes book!




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Friday, November 24, 2006



This picture I had to add because Makenzie & Amara were wearing matching outfits complete with the leopard print skirts! They looked so cute...I can't believe I don't have another picture of them matching! The joys of having 2 girls!! Posted by Picasa

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving! We enjoyed being with family & having lots of great food! Tim's family is really big, therefore, we have our holiday dinners at his parents church in the meeting room area. All of the extended family attends as there are LOTS of people! However, Thanksgiving is the holiday where there are not quite as many. The kids had a great time (which they always do!!) with all of their cousins running around & playing games. It is actually really nice because all of the girls who I remember running around when they were younger are all old enough to keep an eye on the little ones. The girls are at a great age where they really want to help & watch the little ones...which makes for a nice time to talk & catch up with the family. I didn't take too many pictures, but got a few of the kids playing, etc. Madden had a great time pushing chairs around, playing trucks, running around with the kids & being very silly. He kept grabbing all of the spoons and walking around with handfuls of them! And I'm not sure who's food he was eating...but I caught him a few times with food I did not give him. :-) Makenzie had a great time running around, playing hide & seek & of course playing a few games!




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Makenzie sure is growing up!




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Makenzie does pretty good letting me take pictures of her. I'd love to have a good one of all the kids together...but it is near to impossible at this point!! We had our christmas pictures taken last week & it was let me see... quite the disaster. Madden just will not sit for us or anyone. Makenzie & Amara did great...but we only managed to get 2 pics that were okay. :-)

Makenzie's Thanksgiving Feast





Makenzie's class at Preschool held a Thanksgiving Feast this past week. Her class performed several songs, fingerplays & recited a few of the bible verses they've learned this year. The children then served the parents very yummy applesauce & pumpkin bread that they had made and worked so very hard on! It was very special to her & it was a very nice time. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fall event with friends!

We have a small group that we are a part of through church. We meet every other Sunday night. We have a great time! One of the couples families own Landis they got a tractor ride going for the kids in the parking lot & we enjoyed the icecream bar in the grocery store. It was really fun. Everyone loved it...and the kids had to keep going for some tractor rides!

Ready to go!

So much fun!

Quite the setup!

Those boys never fail to be "total" boys!! :-)
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Makenzie, Paige & Madden eating a roll before yummy icecream!

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Amara's many faces!

Just staring at the crazy camera lady again! 7 weeks old.

A little smile while I stick out my tongue at mommy!

Tummy time on the boppy pillow!

Still so innocent!
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Madden is really into his puzzles lately. He loves his shape puzzle...which he knows all of his shapes. If only we can get him to talk a bit besides saying "DA" all of the time! :-)

Go 76ers!!

Madden busy at play!

Madden being silly!
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One of Amara's many smiles! Her first real smile was at Auntie Shannon when she was 3 weeks old. Now she smiles ALL the time. She loves people & is such a happy little baby!

What an angel sleeping!


So precious!
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