Thursday, October 26, 2006

My mom & sister visit from Wisconsin!

My mom & sister Shannon came out to meet Amara & help us out! Amara was 2 weeks it was helpful to have some extra hands 24-7 while I recovered and adjusted to having 3 kids...although I still don't think I've adjusted quite yet! :-) My mom is a nurse & works with newborns & children everyday in the it was nice to pass Amara along to her competent hands!! :-)
We had a nice time visiting & being together. Below are many pictures from their visit.

My mom & Shannon helping me out right Amara a bath!!

Nana bathing her new granddaughter!

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We went to Freddy Hill Farms for their Fall Days with my family when they were here. We had a nice time. The weather was beautiful...mid 70's. We went on a hayride out to the pumpkin patch, picked out some pumpkins, saw a pig race (well kind was hard to get up close because it was busy!) and had some lunch.

Tim walking with the kids while we wait for our hayride to go back to the farm.

Amara's first pumpkin patch experience. In her carseat...asleep.

Makenzie on a mission to find the perfect pumpkin.

Still looking!

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Makenzie chose a big pumpkin!

Madden wants all of them!'s a good one!

Anything I can find to make a mess...hay will do!
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Makenzie & Nana!

My sis & my mom enjoying the hayride!

Makenzie waiting patiently for the hayride!
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My mom, me, Makenzie, Amara & my sister Shannon.

Some of my crazy family!

My cousin Hannah does this really funny butt shaking dance. Here she was showing my mom & sister to the song "Pump it". It's funny!

Here are the old ladies (my mom & her twin sister Carol) giving the dance a shot. Ha-ha! Keep trying!
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Amara Mae at 3 weeks!

This is long & boring!!

Very serious!

My hands are yummy. If I could only get them!
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Auntie Shannon was at the top of Makenzie's list when she planned an afternoon of making cookies together! Makenzie & Shannon went through a cookie book & she had Makenzie choose 2 cookies they would make. They made "fairy wand" cookies & hockey sticks. They had a lot of fun...and they were YUMMY!

Getting ready to begin!

Makenzie rolling out some dough.

Decorating the cookies...very fun!!

Makenzie sporting her "Pampered Chef" attire for the cookie baking!

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Madden had so much fun singing & dancing with Auntie Shannon!

A quick stop for a picture in the middle of their dance around the house!

A little good old fashion karaoke...a "must do" when we're with my family! there anything I can get into? That look is too innocent!
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Amara having tummy time!

Amara has been very strong since she's been born. She doesn't mind her tummy (which is good) and can hold her head up fairly well. She can really hold her head up well when she is being held. I think she's nosey...that's why she does it so well! :-) These photos are from 4 weeks old.

Amara hard at work holding her head up.

I hear mommy's voice!

Oh, my...this is getting tough!

I give up!

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I thought I would add a few cute pictures from earlier weeks!

Amara at 3 weeks old.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Amara is 5 weeks old!!

Amara is 5 weeks old! I can hardly believe it! She is a very good baby. She's been sleeping well only getting up at 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. but will usually go right back to sleep. However, it's still not a full night of I'm VERY tired by 10:00 at night! She is growing...but she's still a little peanut. According to our scale, she weighs almost 11 lbs. She goes to visit the doctor in a few we'll get the real verdict! We had a little photo shoot today. It didn't go very well as you will see! Oh, well. It's fun & the pictures are pretty cute anyway!

I couldn't get her to smile...but at least she's looking!

She's mesmerized by our mini blinds on the window which were off to her right during her photo shoot!

Things don't always go as planned...look closely underneath Amara! Poor little girl! That's the end of this!

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