Sunday, September 24, 2006

Makenzie's First Day of Preschool This Year...

This is Makenzie's 2nd year of Preschool at Quakertown Christian School. She is in the 4 year old class with Mrs. Beahn & Mrs. Landis. Her class is called the dinosaurs! She is very excited about preschool again this year! She was already the "special helper" this year & brought her bitty baby for show & tell. We can't believe she's already 4 & next year will be in Kindergarten!! Yikes!

Getting Ready To Go!

Complete with Princess Shirt & Back Pack

So Excited!!
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Welcome, Baby Amara!

Welcome, Amara Mae Landis!!
Amara means: "Precious Gift"
Mae means: "Gift of God/Blessed"
She is our precious gift. We did not plan for her...but God knew all along the blessing she would be! We named her middle name after my grandmother's middle name. She passed away this past January. We found out we were expecting soon after my grandmother passed away & Amara was born September 15th...and today, September 19th is my grandmother's birthday. She would have been 74. So, Amara's birth came at a special time.
Her birth went well. We had a few bumps & moments during the c-section (I got nauseous & sick during the c-section & was very sick after...) but she's here, she's healthy & we're all doing well.
She was born September 15, 2006
Weight: 7 lbs. 0 oz.
Height: 19 1/2 inches long
Time: 1:31 p.m.

This picture is amazing...It was the second she was out. Yeah...she's here!

Our precious little baby!

Sleeping ever so soundly!

She had an extensive photo session this day! Exhausting, but I got some great shots!
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Family Moments...

Daddy with his second little princess!

Big sister Makenzie holding Amara for the first time!

Makenzie kissing her little sister!

Needless to say, Madden was not interested in the baby...only Daddy. He did not want to sit for a quick picture!
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A little hospital visiting fun!

Madden really wasn't interested in anything but running around & playing with the door & curtain. He was playing peek-a-boo here!

Makenzie got a Big Sister Activity she shared her pencils & paper with Madden! He loves to color!

Proud Big Sister, again!

Makenzie filling out her postcards to let everyone know she's a big sister! She was passing them out to everyone that came to visit!
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Amara's many faces!

We love the sleep smiles! Our little princess!

Even though they are only sleep smiles...they are so precious!

Gotta love these faces!

Although this picture is a little's so cute!
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Birthing preparations...

This was a different experience for Tim & I. For Madden & Makenzie...I was in labor prior to the c-section. This time...we just went in & had it all done very slow...a little too long. We got there at 9 a.m. and didn't get going until 12:30.

Getting all set up for the c-section. Questions, i.v...all the fun stuff. Not.

The c-section has begun...not my hottest moment. haha!

We had a long wait before the actual c-section. Our doctor had a surgery prior to ours that went a little longer. So...we had a little nervous fun!
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Big Sister, Big Brother!

Makenzie immediately wanted to hold Amara, Madden just wanted to sit on his little couch!

So excited!


First picture of Madden, Makenzie & Amara together!
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Precious Parts!

Little Tiny Feet!

Little hands, little face!

So precious!
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Friday, September 08, 2006

Just a few pictures...

Makenzie sure is growing up! Here she is posing before our day trip to Lancaster for school clothes!!

Here's our little man, Madden. He is growing, too!

Madden LOVES to play outside in the backyard with balls! He looks like he's been playing soccer for a few years the way he kicks them. He has this cute little approach that he hops up to the ball before kicking it. He's pretty good. haha!

Maybe a little football...hike!
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Happy 29th Birthday, Daddy!

Tim turned 29 on September 1st. We have a tradition of having a birthday dinner for the "person of the day". We each get to choose what we'd like to eat for our dinner & dessert. Tim chose a recipe from my family that he really's a steak dish with a special gravy & mashed potatoes and some homemade biscuits. He chose brownies with frosting & ice cream for dessert! So, Makenzie & I were busy that afternoon baking brownies, decorating & making dinner. Makenzie gets SO excited to celebrate this her enthusiasm is catchy! She made Tim a few cards & we put together a mix cd of some of daddy's favorite songs for him. It was fun night!

Makenzie after setting the table & decorating for her daddy!

Makenzie giving the brownies the last stir!

Of baking session could be complete without licking the spoon! Makenzie's FAVORITE!

Makenzie licked the spoon pretty clean...nice face!

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Tim blowing out his candles with Madden watching!

While we were singing...Madden got all excited and started was cute!

Madden wanted to put his hands in the brownies! Makenzie a ham as usual.

Tim opening his cards & presents from all of us!
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