Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lehigh Valley Zoo!

We went to the Lehigh Valley zoo with friends of ours a few weekends ago. It is a beautiful zoo filled with beautiful landscapes and scenery. There is a really neat spot called the Jordan Creek as you exit the zoo where you can walk in and along the creek. It was so fun for Makenzie to look at the tadpoles, etc. Makenzie enjoyed a pony ride & everyone enjoyed a wagon ride pulled by real horses. It was fun and everyone was doing fine until the last stretch where a small hill & corner came up and the wagon got pulled a little fast and was pretty bumpy...so Madden got a little upset with that. Scary I guess! It was a beautiful day and we had a great time!

Makenzie & Maci checking out the goats!

Makenzie enjoying her pony ride with the zoo staff!

Matt, Maci, Steff, Madden, Tim & Makenzie getting ready for the wagon ride!

Daddy showing Makenzie some little critters!

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Zoo pictures!

Getting ready to go on a wagon ride through the zoo!

Makenzie & Daddy posing in the Jordan Creek at the end of our zoo trip.

Makenzie & Daddy looking for tadpoles and walking through the creek!

Makenzie had a wonderful time wading in the creek!
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More fun at the Lehigh Valley Zoo!

Tim, Madden & Makenzie in a "wolf cave".

Madden, Makenzie & Maci in a tipee...I am not responsible for Makenzie running around like an Indian...that's all her daddy's doing! No offense to anyone!!

Madden eyeing up some goats in the petting zoo!

Madden touching a turtle! He loved that!
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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just a quick note...

In case you haven't tried to do so already when looking at our blog, if you click on the pictures...it gives you an enlarged view if it is hard to see it the way it is. This makes it nice to see more details or be able to view the photos better! Enjoy!!

I'm almost done!!

I'm almost done! I've got about 4 1/2 weeks left until my scheduled c-section...which is scheduled for September 15th. Besides feeling huge & swollen...it's going by very fast. Not my favorite pregnancy physically because I've been extremely sore, tired & lacking good sleep at night...but my last...so I'm enjoying it that way!
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Sunday afternoon fun!

After church on Sundays, we usually go out to lunch with good friends of ours...Scott & Shawna and their two children...Ali & Drew. Makenzie and Ali have become very good friends over the summer since meeting at Tim's softball games. For Ali's birthday, Makenzie picked out a Best Friend Forever shirt for Ali & she got one as well. So, after church, we went out to lunch & then headed up to Cabela's Sporting Store and had the girls wear their matching shirts!! They were so excited!! We had fun!

Makenzie & Ali with their B.F.F. shirts looking all cute!

Madden, Drew, Makenzie & Ali at Cabela's in front of the jungle animals!

A little play fun with the cap guns and Davy Crocket hats...we had to have them pose for us!

How innocent...they'd make good hunters!

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Fishing with Daddy

Makenzie & Tim went out fishing one Saturday afternoon. Tim heard of a few local spots that are great to take children to because they will catch a lot of fish. Well, with the barbie fishing pole...she caught TONS of fish! She had a great time with Daddy!

Makenzie with a perfect catch! (Look closely...the fish kind of blends in with her shorts!)

Makenzie's fish is near the ground...she looks a little suprized!

Fishing is hard work...snack time!

I'd have to say...daddy did a good job in getting a few pictures of their fun afternoon! He barely got to throw in his own line because Makenzie was catching fish left & right...but that's the fun of it...teaching her how to fish!! haha!

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Madden's First Injury...

Well, our son was in a cast for 3 weeks following a fall down the stairs with daddy. Tim was carrying Madden down the stairs and missed a stair (I saw it happen...very scary!) and Tim slid down the stairs with Madden on his side. When the dust settled (haha), Madden was very upset, however, we just thought it was scary for him. He proceeded to be upset & as Tim tried to set him down, he would cry harder. Hence, indicating to us, that maybe he was hurt. After about an hour, we decided to bring him to the ER to make sure he was okay. After a day spent there & no answers...we were frustrated!!! Grandview x-rayed his leg in various places, but would not x-ray his foot for some odd reason. The doctor told us to give him some Motrin & if he wasn't better in the morning to call Grandview's orthopedic office. The next morning Madden was still whimpering if he put pressure on his foot...so I called an pediatric orthopedic specialist in Doylestown. We got right in & within 5 minutes of being there, she felt he had a fracture in his foot. She x-rayed his foot & sure enough there was a small fracture toward the bottom of his 1st toe into his growth plate. She said to be safe, let's put a cast on for 3 weeks. We were heart broken, but were glad to have found out what had happened. (A piece of advice...NEVER go to Grandview's ER. It was awful & the doctor was truly neglegent with Madden & did not listen to us, his parents, at all when we were explaining 50 times that he will not put pressure on his foot, he watched whimper upon pressure, etc.)
He wasn't able to go into water or anything...so that made for a hard 3 weeks of summer!
So, this Thursday, his 3 weeks were up...and his cast finally came off! His x-ray showed the bone had healed over the fracture & he's good to go!

Poor little guy...he had a hard time at first getting used to the walking shoe...so we let him try walking in the cast a little to get used to it.

The cast did not slow this boy down. By the second day, he was walking all over the place...no stopping him! He kept right on kicking balls, chasing his sister and all of the boy stuff he's into!

A little tired...and feeling cuddly with his stuffed doggy!

Walking around like there's no tomorrow...

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Madden's first day with his cast on...watching a movie.

His little walking shoe.

Playing & adjusting to wearing his cast.

Practicing some walking without the shoe.
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Feeding the ducks at Lake Nockomixin

We love the outdoors...so what a perfect place to go! The lake! The kids got their feet wet a bit & of course that always ends up with someone getting all the way wet (Makenzie) she fell in a bit. Silly! We had some bread for the ducks and Madden chased the ducks all over! It was kind of hot & humid this day...so we didn't stay too long. But we enjoyed hanging out together!

Tim with the kids watching the duck coming ashore.

Madden enjoying getting his feet wet. We have to keep a firm grip on him. He's an animal!

Poor ducks...Madden was chasing them all over!

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Makenzie looking at the lake! She loves to be near the water! Plus with the sailboat in the background...it was a perfect shot!

Makenzie posing!

Makenzie touching the water. She loves to explore!!

Tim, Madden & Makenzie dealing with my crazy picture taking!
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Eating lunch is a lot of hard work!

Madden is my "I can sleep anywhere child". If he's tired...he'll go to sleep. Here are two different days when he just couldn't make it through lunch. I love these!

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A few of Madden's One Year Pictures!

Madden was very cooperative & very smiley...so I just got his pictures taken on a wimb. Sometimes that is the best way to do it! I look forward to doing my outdoor pictures with him later in the fall, but these turned out cute!

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