Thursday, July 20, 2006

Softball is over this year...

The team getting a little "pep talk" from the coach.

Tim (#21) & Madden watching the game from Madden's favorite place!!

Tim played softball for one of of our church teams. The kids & I went to almost every game to support Tim & the team!! As hot as it was some nights...I got through the heat being pregnant! haha! The guys had a pretty good season...but lost in an unfortunate rain out game during week two of the playoffs. It was such a bummer way to end the season. In our league, if a game is called because of rain...and 5 innings were completed...then the game is considered official. We were down by several runs and it began lightning so there was a 20 minute delay. Well, a storm was coming & did that is how the season ended. It was just a bummer way to lose & not be able to complete a whole game & that be the end of your season. A lot can happen in 4 more innings! I got a few pictures from the first week of playoffs. We'll have to get 'em next year!!

Our little sports nut...

Madden at Daddy's softball game getting into his favorite things!

Getting the ball!!

Going for the "big boy" bat!

In the dirt playing ball!

Madden LOVES sports! He loves balls; kicking them, throwing them, hitting them with bats, golf clubs, etc. He has a pretty good arm!! He's been starting to catch balls now which has been so cute to watch how excited he gets when he catches the ball!! He has a little sports stand that has a basketball net, baseball tee & a golf club & he LOVES to grab his little bat and hit balls all over the house. It's so funny! It's amazing how different & unique each child is. Makenzie was and still is very into books, activities and dress up "girly" stuff. Madden is very coordinated and into trucks, balls & "boy" stuff! The pictures above were taken at one of Tim's softball games. Madden loved to go play in the bucket of softballs and grab the team bats. He was our little escapee...always trying to go onto the field. When the game was over...he was right on the field running around and getting in the dirt with the rest of the kids. He's ALL boy!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy 4th of July!!

Makenzie showing off her flag! She was SO excited to have one! She was singing this "made up" song at the store when we were buying them! People were laughing at her because she was so funny! She was shouting Happy Birthday America!
Madden & Makenzie sporting their Fourth of July outfits & flags. I wanted to get some cute pictures...but neither of them would cooperate!
Madden watching the neighbor's fireworks! He didn't want to get close...but he loved them!

What a HOT & HUMID day...but fun! In the afternoon we went to the annual D'Antoni/Gardocki 4th of July Picnic. One of our friends, Chelle, did some face painting for the kids. Makenzie loved that! Then, we got a downpour of rain!! Everyone ran inside for shelter...except Jonathan...who kept right on cooking the burgers & hotdogs! After he was already soaked...someone put an umbrella over the grill. How nice...haha!
In the late afternoon/evening...we went to Tim's uncle John's house for the annual Garis 4th of July Picnic. It is one of our favorite events! They have a pool, hot tub, moonbounce & there is much to choose from. favorite activity this year was chatting with the ladies! I was too hot to do much else! :-) They usually do fireworks in the evening...but we got a few we did not do them this year. Tim's family is really it's always funny to see how many people attend the picnic. At one point we counted nearly 30 kids in the pool (all under age 14!!) and that was not counting the 4 younger ones not in the pool! And there were 4 of us pregnant there this year! WOW! This family isn't showing any signs of slowing down the growth & expansion any time soon!
We had a great day!! It was fun to be with our friends & family!!

Fourth of July pictures!

Chelle painting Makenzie's face as a butterfly!!

Makenzie was SO excited to have her face painted. She looked cute!

Makenzie swimming in the hot tub...her favorite!

Look at me walking...this is fun!

Busy Madden looking for something to get into!

Look at me...I'm walking!!

Madden started taking steps around 11 1/2 months...but decided to be brave and walk alone the week after his first birthday. Once he started...he had a "wobbly" week...but once he got it...he was off! And we've been chasing him ever since! These pictures were from the day of his dedication...and he was SO proud of himself standing up & walking around church. He is CRAZY!! He pretty much runs now!

Madden's Dedication

We had Madden dedicated on Sunday, June 19th which happened to be Father's Day also. We had a nice time & then celebrated his dedication and Father's Day with our family at a new local restaurant...Texas Roadhouse. It was a bit crowded...but we had a nice time. It was SO hot that day...I only remember because being pregnant...those are the days I dread!! haha!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

More updates coming soon!!!

Sorry...We've been SOOOOOO busy! I have LOTS of updates to post! Check back soon!