Monday, June 19, 2006

Our family outing to the Please Touch Museum in Philly

We had a great time visiting the Please Touch Museum. We went on Memorial Day weekend & they had a teddy bear theme the day we went, so they had special activities & events to celebrate teddy bears. We enjoyed a magic show, teddy bear story time, teddy bear snacks & Makenzie made a teddy bear sandwich. She's at a great age to enjoy & appreciate the themes & activities. Madden is at a good age that he can climb & crawl & explore everything. He had a great time seeing new things & touching everything! Makenzie & Madden loved the water center (of course...getting wet is fun!!) & they liked to go down the big slide in the Eloise "milk" activity area. Madden was extra fascinated with the Alice in Wonderland "doors" because he is really into opening doors & closing them! He played there for a long time! Makenzie had a blast in the new playhouse area...pretending to cook, clean, feed the dogs & water the flowers. The grocery store center is always a fun time, too! Our favorite activity of the day was the story drama center...which was the story of the Three Bears complete with all of the props & costumes. Makenzie dressed up in the goldilocks costume & us in the bears. She must have acted out the story at least 4 times before another little girl wanted to be goldilocks. It was hilarious! All in all, we had a great time! Great place for little ones!

Pictures of our fun day...

Going through the Alice & Wonderland hangings...Madden loved that!

Makenzie having some pretend tea with the Hare & the Mad Hatter.

Makenzie making her teddy bear sandwich. She got spread her own jelly & fluff on her sandwich & use a teddy bear cut out to make her sandwich! Yummy!

Makenzie playing Goldilocks from the story of the three bears. It was so funny! She kept playing the story out and then she'd scream and run away at the end like Goldilocks!

Madden all smiles in the farmyard play center for babies & toddlers! He loved it!

Makenzie pretending to "paint" the house in the new construction center at Please Touch Museum.

Madden pretending to drive the tractor. Always a favorite!

Makenzie & Madden LOVE the water center. They played there for quite a while splashing in the water & playing with the toy boats.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday, Madden!!

Madden all smiles on his pile of birthday gifts!

Our little guy getting ready for his first piece of birthday cake as we all sing "Happy Birthday"!

Madden's 1st birthday cake!

We can't believe our little Madden is already ONE! We had a wonderful celebration with family & friends. We were able to have his party on his actual birthday, June 4th. Also, my mom came in from Wisconsin to visit & to help us celebrate his birthday! That was so great! We had a curious george theme which was cute. The day ended up being a little overcast, but the temperature was perfect. The older kids swam in the pool & played in the sandbox & were on the swings...while the little ones just played with some riding toys & balls. Madden enjoyed pushing his walking car all around the driveway & on the grass. He is getting so big!!! We can hardly believe it! It was a fun day & we are so blessed with our little Madden!

Pictures of Madden eating his birthday cake!

Madden with his cousins on his very first birthday!

The END of the cake eating!

Wow, this cake is for me??

I'm sure it's good...I'm just not sure how to eat this!

Yummy, it's pretty good!

What is this plate for? The cake is on my tray!

Wow, that was fun! Thanks! Here's my plate someone!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Evolution of Dance on web address!

This is pretty funny! Check it out!
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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nana comes to visit!

My mom came to visit for a week & to help celebrate Madden's first birthday! We had a great time...although it went by TOO fast! We were so busy with my cousin Brittney's college graduation open house, shopping & Madden's birthday we didn't do much relaxing. But, it was fun! Makenzie was very excited to see Nana & sing karaoke! (Even Madden loved to sing karaoke as you can see in the picture! If you give him a microphone...he knows just what to do!) She was sad to see Nana go...but my mom will be coming back when our new baby is born as well as my sister, Shannon! We can't wait! Madden loved having Nana here, too!

Memorial Day Festivities...

We had a great time on Memorial Day! We spent the early afternoon at my Aunt Carol's house enjoying the pool & a BBQ. It was Madden's first time in the pool this year...he LOVED the water! He was so tired after a fun day in the pool...he fell asleep with daddy on the floatie! Makenzie was her usual...what a fish! She was SO excited to get back into the pool this year. Once she got in, she never got out!
After my Aunt's house, we went over to a friends for a picnic. They had a sprinkler for the older kids, which Makenzie loved! And there was horseshoes for the guys and of course the annual wiffle ball game! It was nice to hang out with everyone!
Makenzie enjoying the pool!

Makenzie swimming & having fun!

The guys playing wiffle ball!

Madden riding in his new floatie & first time in pool this year!

Madden fell asleep with daddy! Too much fun in the sun!

Auntie Carol, Makenzie & Auntie Lynn hanging out!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Makenzie with her trophy & goodies!

Quakertown Soccer Club 4-5 yr. old Shorty Program

Makenzie with Coach John getting her trophy!

Makenzie's last day of soccer & trophy ceremony

Makenzie really enjoyed playing soccer this spring at the Quakertown Soccer Club. She had wonderful coaches! On the last day, after a little practice, they had a little ceremony for the children. The director/coach really has a passion for soccer & for the children which was really displayed by the ceremony he had for the children! He had everyone gather around and would put each child up on the table next to him, ask them their name & what they learned at soccer. He made every child feel special! They then received a trophy, soccer patch & some goodies from Kwik Goal. We were really happy overall with the program & would recommend it!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Lots of Blog updates to come!!!!!

We've been extremely busy these past few there will be many blog updates coming soon. I haven't had time to pick up my picture cd's!! We've had my mom come visit, Madden turned ONE & some fun picnics! Check back soon!