Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Fun Day At The Park!!

Madden is such a good sport! The girls buried him up to his hips in the sand!

Makenzie & her friend Lydia swinging & having a fun time!

Madden hanging out by the tire swing & giving us his cutest smile!

Madden in the swing! Getting ready for the ride!

Madden really having fun in the swing!!!

We went over to Quakertown Memorial Park, which has a great wooden castle park! Madden had a lot of fun in the swings, sand & slides! Makenzie had a great time swinging as well! She LOVES to swing! It's her latest craze! It's so great to be able to get outside enjoy our family & friends!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Soccer is done!

Makenzie is done with soccer! Posted are a few pictures of her last practices. I will post a few from her award ceremony later this week! She had a lot of fun learning how to dribble the ball, goal kick and work together with her teammates and coaches. She participated in many drills and fun games all the while learning! We had fun watching her grow! A few pictures are of Madden...he wanted to get right in the action each week, but settled for a soccer ball in the sidelines.

Madden & his soccer fun...

Madden holding his soccer ball close!!

Madden trying to get into the action...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ultrasound Pictures of Baby Girl Landis

We're having a GIRL!! We had our ultrasound on Friday, April 28th. She was moving all over the place which made for a very fun ultrasound! She is doing well & growing well. We have not chosen a name yet, but when we do, we will not be sharing the name until she is born. SORRY!! Something's got to be a suprize!! Makenzie was very excited because now she'll have a baby brother & a baby sister! She's excited to share a room with her baby sister. (for now anyway!!)I'm having a re-scan this Friday to get some pictures that the tech was not able to get on the 28th. So, maybe I'll have some more pictures to share.
I've been feeling pretty good. I'm still a little tired at times, but being able to get out & enjoy the fresh air has been helping to stay energized during the day! Check back for more updates!
*The first picture she has her head kind of turned toward the scan with her little knees bent up.
*The second picture is a side profile of her taking in some of the amniotic fluid.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Soccer is here!!

Makenzie is playing soccer this April/May! She is playing soccer for the Quakertown Soccer Club here in Quakertown. They have a shorty program for 3 1/2 to 5 year olds. We weren't sure what to expect with Makenzie because she has never really shown an interest in sports prior to this year, however, we asked her is she'd like to play and she said yes! She is doing really well! The first week was a little funny watching Makenzie and all of the other boys and girls trying to follow the coach. For the majority of the children, it is their first time playing. They separate the 4 & 5 year olds (which is completely obvious why once they started practicing!!) Each week Makenzie has been gaining new confidence and excitement about soccer! Being the precise little girl she is, the first week when they were doing drills with dribbling, she was so exact. Taking her sweet old time making sure that she was doing it correctly. With each week that is passing by, she has improved by running while dribbling the ball in & out of the cones and following directions from her coaches very well! Making sure to kick the ball in the goal!! In this league because it is the beginning, they do not play "games" rather, they learn the fundamentals and basics necessary to play "real" games in the years to come. The coaches do very fun & creative drill type games and relays to get the kids excited and learning! She likes to come home & play soccer out in the field. Daddy likes that! She has 3 more practices left for the spring session. It's gone by fast! I've included a few pictures of Makenzie in action. The other picture is their instruction circle with the coach when they "bring it in". It really is a great program!

Makenzie's Been Busy!!

Makenzie was enrolled at the Pennsylvania Youth Theatre's Playmakers/Kinderplay program which is a hour & a half session each week consisting of dance, drama & music. She had a wonderful time learning new dance steps, singing & acting out many wonderful stories! Makenzie really grew a lot during this class. Her imagination and communication skills seemed to really take on a new perspective! On April 23rd all of her hard work ended with the PYT Performs final performance at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Allentown, PA. While we were not allowed to take any pictures during the actual performance, I have included a few pictures taken from her class a few weeks before. I have also included a picture of her with her flowers that daddy got for her after her performance & a picture of a little dancing in the parking lot!Makenzie did very well. We weren't sure how she would do on a stage with lights and a crowd full of people. She didn't forget any of her steps and sang wonderfully! No stage shyness here!