Monday, March 20, 2006

Outdoor Fun!

We had a very beautiful day a few weekends ago, so we took advantage of spending the day outdoors! Madden rode in the bike seat for the first time...he LOVED it! Since he's been born, Madden has loved being outdoors. He is so content and extra happy when he is outside. Makenzie was able to ride her new bike that she got for her birthday. She is doing very well at peddling and getting used to the brakes. Makenzie was busy writing in the driveway with chalk and playing with her friend Nolan down the street. They were busy playing hide & go seek, chasing each other around and just having fun! We are SO excited for more warm weather to come!! Now that it is "officially" spring, I'm sure it'll come soon!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Baby #3 Ultrasound....

Just wanted to quickly say...we had our ultrasound yesterday. Baby looked great, great heartbeat & I am confirmed at 13 1/2 weeks along. I don't have a picture available to share...the printer was down yesterday...which I was bummed about, however, baby looked so cute. He/She had their little ankles crossed & was looking quite comfortable. Just hanging out. I'll be going back in 6 weeks or so for my 20 week main ultrasound. Then I'll get some good pictures. Until then...

Friday, March 17, 2006

We love the snow...but we want spring to come!!

We had a few big snows this winter, but for the most part...we did not have a very snowy winter. These pictures were taken from the last snow we had in February. After shoveling...we put the kids on the big pile next to our driveway. Madden thought it was fun! Makenzie & Tim went out back where our yard has a small hill & they went tubing on a snow tube. Makenzie had fun...but I think Tim had more fun. When Makenzie came around to the front...I didn't see Tim. So, I looked out back and he was tubing by himself. Haha! It was pretty funny. When he discovered that I was watching him...he was laughing and actually lost track of where he was going and his tube flipped over. much fun! Haha!
Makenzie loved the snow this year & had SO much fun building snow towers and jumping into the big piles. She was Daddy & our neighbor Brian's little helper when they were shoveling. She loved to go out and help a little and play! But, with all that said...we are hoping that last snow was it & that we do not get anymore! We can't wait for the temperature to creep up so we can enjoy being outside riding bikes, playing at the park and playing with the neighbors! Happy "hopefully" Spring...soon!

Monday, March 13, 2006

I may be small, but I sure can have fun!!

Wow...lots of fun. Who knew balloons could entertain even our little Madden? We were running around the house and he was in our view playing with this bunch of balloons. I went in to get Madden & he was lying down, just still as could be with the balloons! It was so funny! And then when I walked over to him with my camera...he was as happy as could be! HAHA!
Madden is now 9 months & he sure is growing! He is a very smiley & happy baby! He loves to be held & he is definitely a daddy's boy! When Tim's around...I do not exist! We sure do have fun with Madden! Madden is taking his time moving...but his newest movement is the wounded soldier army crawl. He creeps across the floor like he's sneaking and wounded! However, he can pull himself up to standing like nothing. He's a handful that way. His newest thing is to pull himself up to standing in the tub. Too bad the soapy suds make him slip down...haha! He's our animal! But, we'll keep him!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wow...4 candles to blow out! Hooray! Posted by Picasa

Makenzie hugging one of the character's from JoJo's Circus at her party! Posted by Picasa

Happy 4th Birthday Makenzie!

What a FUN party! Makenzie's birthday & birthday party was on Sunday, March 5th! We had a "JoJo's Circus" theme which is a character from Playhouse Disney. We themed everything from the games to the food around a circus/carnival theme! We had hand stamp tattoos, a balance beam, a bean bag toss and a silly rope jump where each child had to put on these big clown sunglasses and honk a silly horn! We had a pinata filled with all sorts of yummy candy! (of course...a big favorite) For dinner, we had hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, cheese balls, punch, cake & ice cream. Her cake was made by a friend's mom from school & she did a great job creating a circus tent with the characters outside of it! It looked really cute! Makenzie received many wonderful gifts from her friends and has been having a lot of fun playing with her new barbies, baby dolls & all of the other goodies she received! Makenzie got an "extra special" gift from mommy & daddy...a new "My Little Pony" big girl bike! She chose the bike herself and was very excited to try it out! She's starting to get better at it and is getting used to the brakes that go on every time she pedals backward! I think we're going to have some great weather this she'll have plenty of time to practice!
All in all, we had a great time & Makenzie really enjoyed sharing her party with all of her friends from school, family friends and cousins! We wish all of you in Wisconsin could have been here! Makenzie misses you dearly! She asks us everyday when she can go to Wisconsin again! Hopefully this summer!

Happy 4th Birthday Makenzie!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Our News

Hello. We wanted to post our latest news to our family & friends who may not know that Tim & I are expecting another baby! Yes, you read it right...SUPRISE! I am just about 12 weeks and I am due September 21st. I heard the baby's heartbeat at my doctor appointment last week & I will be getting an ultrasound later this month. As suprised as we were with finding out I was pregnant, we are very happy & are looking forward to adding a 3rd child to our family. I know many of you are far apart will Madden & the new baby be...let me answer that for you...they'll be a little over 15 months apart. OH MY! I will definitely have my hands full! I had a few weeks of not feeling the best, but I honestly feel fairly well. I am tired, but I will take that over being sick any day! Makenzie is very excited to have another baby brother or sister. She is actually thrilled!
All in all, we are doing good. Tim started his own painting business this past November and God surely is blessing us! He has been swamped with work! It was a little scary at first to make the changes we had to, but God has more than provided. We are truly thankful for that!
Makenzie is turning 4 on March 5th. We are having her "Jojo Circus Party" this weekend. She is looking forward to that! I'll be happy when it's all done! Haha!
Thanks for visiting! We'll keep updating our site occasionally & add some pictures!